Trump’s Tweeting Threatening to Bounce the Rubble


Max Fisher went out of his way to not mention MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction while writing his column on the potential arms race he believes Trump’s Twitter remarks might provoke. Surely the young progressive liberal, writing for the New York newspaper, remembers MAD and the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Mr Fisher also chose to not elaborate on the Winston Churchill quote that expressed his disdain for a nuclear arms race. The former British Prime Minister stated that unnecessary nuclear warhead proliferation would only make “makthe rubble bounce”. ¬†What did he mean by this famous quote? He meant, similar to Carl Sagan’s gas doused house and matches analogy, that bombing already destroyed regions was pointless and wasting money and resources on the production of huge numbers of nuclear weapons was absurd.

The son of American beauty Jeanette Jerome, who also grappled with depression, was great at communicating in common language to those he led and remains one one of the top heads of state of all time.




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