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In David Holmes’ letter to the editor, his disdain and lack of respect for the President of the United States is not even thinly veiled. The same holds for his feelings about the Attorney General. At some point the general contempt and disgust over the Obama administration will morph into a revolutionary movement that will be irreversible.

Where is your Outrage?
David Holmes, Cross Plains
To my elected state and national officials and candidates for office: Where is your outrage at the continued contempt for law and order and persisting insolence to officials by President Barack Obama and his administration?
Attorney General Eric Holder tells you all that he wasn’t aware of the illegal and murderous gun trafficking. Now he assures you all that he is not aware of the formal requests for documents and testimony regarding Justice Kagan’s involvement with Obamacare?
At best he is incompetent(at the very best David). More likely he is grossly dishonest. Where is your outrage and deeds to evict him from office and hold him responsible for misconduct, even criminal misconduct?
Secretary Chu likewise! Where are your deeds affirming the rule of law and the penalties for corruption? Where?
FDR was wimpingly allowed his contempt of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Constitution. Will Obama?
Please advise me what you are now doing.
My thanks to Rep. Neugebauer for signing on the letter opposing taxes to the supercommittee.

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