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Sandra Seyffert’s letter to the editor of the Abilene Reporter-News is interesting on so many fronts that this writer risks producing more words than Ms. Seyffert! 

Her position is rather easy to refute, to wit she states that Adultery is the demon and God put that on stone tablets, but he did not mention homosexuality on stone tablets.
Seyffert thus reasons that since homosexuality is not expressly forbidden by God, then it must be OK. Incest was not prohibited on stone tablets by God Almighty so I guess that means Incest is permissible……Right Ms. Seyffert?

I am guessing she is a divorcee as a consequence of adulterous behavior by her ex husband and turned to a Lesbian lifestyle. I could be wrong, but it sure fits her contorted interpretation of the scripture. It either happened to her or someone very close to her.

It is a rather common occurrence for one to “transform to gay” after being jilted by their spouse.

Also, I am sure Sandra’s spirit would be elevated to know that two gay men in Roswell,NM were married in a very public ceremony which produced a front page article including a nice picture of the happy couple.


Sandra Seyffert, Merkel

In reference to Genesis 19:13, I find it hard to believe that people will use this story to condemn homosexuality instead of what little value it puts on women. Once again, women are at fault for taking advantage of some innocent male. Either the entire Bible is the literal, inspired word of God, or the entire Bible is simply an allegory of life’s events.If Lot was the best there was in Sodom, then God really messed up creating that bunch.He, and it must be male, doesn’t seem to be omnipotent or omniscient. Didn’t he know someday people would be living longer and little girls would not need the ability to reproduce at the ages of 10 or 11? Gotcha women!
I think most of the Bible writers had a serious dislike or fear of females. I find it hard to understand how women can even find solace in this book. We can’t understand how society lived during those times, just as they would be lost in today’s society.
Adultery is the demon, the destroyer of families and children’s lives.
God said that on stone tablets, but he did not mention homosexuality. I wonder why? Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself.
The rest of the Bible is just used to divide people and nations.
If God destroyed America, what do you think the reason would be? I think it would be because of greedy people who don’t care about the poor, the sick, the old or the different.

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