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Albert Bryan wrote a letter to the editor that superficially sounds great. He said that “Women are the backbone and nucleus of every family”. While Albert’s assertion is often true, it is also often the case that the woman of the family flirts with other men at work, overspends, and battles addiction problems.

Mr Bryan also declares America has done “so little to address the challenges faced by single mothers who often shoulder the major weight of primary caregiving alone.” Shouldn’t a similar statement be made for single fathers Albert?

In closing, the statistic cited by the gubernatorial candidate: single females headed 53% of all V.I. families  compared to 20% for the contiguous states is quite troubling. In my view, this is a sociological problem about irresponsible Virgin Island men who abandon their families. Do you really expect the government to fix that sir?

The government will not/can not fix abandonment of family issues, but Donate BTC 1MJTcndnaLFFBViecMoDvLmfPkeKffUty1 if you want your money to help single mothers who married a guy who had no intentions of raising a family.


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  1. Ashley Ladlie, who is unlikely a single mother, states that Peter Pan Syndrome runs rampant in the Virgin Islands. However, her “have sex with a different guy” weekly lifestyle leads me to ask “what is the female equivalent of Peter Pan Syndrome?”

    After reading her article and given her enthusiasm for random no strings attached sex, the only question remaining is Miss Ladlie a SCREAMER or a moaner?

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