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After reading the heartless letter to the editor of Alec Barry concerning roadside memorials, I have to conclude initially he is not loved and does not love anything aside from his inhuman opinion. He characterizes locations where precious childeren were ripped to pieces in car crashes as eyesores. If Mr Barry were only a curmudgeon, there might be hope for his crusty, abrasive, caustic demeanor. 

What is your opinion of roadside memorials put up by families who have lost loved ones to auto accidents? I’m sympathetic to people who have faced this kind of grief, but the public space belongs to everyone, and I think it’s important to honor that.

I personally find them offensive, annoying, ugly, depressing out-of-place road hazards. Memorials belong in a cemetery(Alec’s heart belongs in a freezer), where they can be maintained in a safe environment.

Our roads and highways do not need to have reminders of death and destruction. They should be kept safe, clean and free from eyesores and hazards. Our state and local law- makers have got to put a stop to this as it’s getting completely out of control and it’s illegal.

Roadside memorials are dangerous distractions that invite rubbernecking and taking your eyes off an obviously already hazardous road. Highway officials(source needs to be cited here as we can NOT trust Alec on this matter) say the memorials frequently get in the way of road crews cutting grass and doing roadside maintenance.

Those markers are considered abandoned refuse and can be picked up and taken by anyone who has a mind to, yet they are left unchecked. This practice will eventually leave the highways littered with crosses, flags, flowers, etc.

A few years ago I wrote a letter to the editor regarding this sensitive issue. I received a lot of support from some local elected officials saying they agree and would try to get something going to resolve it. I also received a few hate calls(quite deserving Alec as you too are FULL OF HATE) from some selfish people who have no respect for others’ rights and feelings. So here we go again. I only hope and pray that this time someone gets up enough courage to do something positive about it.

Alec Barry

Prescott Valley


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  1. Jackson,

    You are reacting far too emotionally to the position of Alecs. Read the work of Bob Andrzejczak on how public land cannot be used for personal interests without a permit.

    An article by AP writer BRUCE SHIPKOWSKI describes the psychological aspects of communing with the deceased accident victims lucidly amplified by far left academic Karen Remmler.
    Alec is not afraid to speak his mind, e.g. he scolded George Garewal for buying a home next to a slaughterhouse that had been around since early 80’s. Garewal apparently wanted to file a lawsuit or take legal action against Wade’s Custom Meats. He should have thought harder before purchasing a home adjacent to a commercial enterprise!!!!

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