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Andre Pearson of Glen Ridge Indiana does prove he knows the meaning of the term obviate(to make unnecessary), but establishes  himself to be the one out of touch with the real facts rather than the unmentioned name of the person in a position of power in his neck of the woods.

How is this for a real fact Mr Pearson? Health insurance companies have been known to order doctors in their network to not divulge a treatment for an illness because it is too expensive! Secondly, the burden is on the person purchasing the insurance policy to determine if there are physicians they like in the coverage before purchasing the policy. Informed buyers make better choices in any market place setting and insurance is no different.

I find it ludicrous(laughter inducing)that someone in a position of power, and writing for a newspaper in such a position, can be so out of touch with the real facts.

The issue is not health insurance but health care. Just because one has an insurance policy means nothing if there are no doctors who honor that policy available.

Furthermore, if we are going to go into the business of legislating peoples’ choices for the sake of their health benefit, then we should outlaw smoking cigarettes, not exercising, eating sugary foods, eating prepared foods with high fructose corn syrup etc. etc.

There are a host of preventative measures we could enact to obviate the need for health care to a large degree.(Unsound reasoning Andre, what about  the health care that is required as we age for example?) Anybody care to tackle that one?




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