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Den Black’s letter to editor of the Kokomo Tribune conceals the true anger many Americans feel when yet another Unites States president’s actions do not match his speech. Real estate doublespeak is one thing, but when a president doublespeaks people’s lives can be wrecked.  According to Den Black, the Obama administration treated salaried retirees of  auto parts maker Delphi Corporation unfairly by expropriating the company pension fund.

Also Delphi, the GM spun-off auto parts maker, has hinted at terminating medical and life insurance benefits for salaried retirees. Imagine the stress you would feel if the pension fund and the health benefits you had been promised your whole career, were suddenly ripped out of your possession as you neared retirement!

Obama treats salaried Delphi retirees poorly

The president says one thing and does another.

He boasts in the State of the Union address of how the U.S. auto industry has rebounded, expresses concern for the middle class and appeals for fairness. But his rhetoric is contradicted by how his administration treated salaried retirees of auto parts maker Delphi Corp. in 2009.

We’re confident our 2-year-old federal lawsuit (in which the government refuses to participate in the court-ordered discovery) will prove that his administration influenced the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. to unnecessarily seize our pension plan in 2009. Then, his Auto Task Force picked “winners and losers” by giving GM enough bailout money from taxpayers so the automaker can “top up” the lower government pensions being paid by the PBGC to union-represented Delphi retirees but not salaried retirees.

He thumbed his nose at middle-class retirees like us in a process that was not only unfair but also illegal. We can prove that no taxpayer monies are now needed to restore the pensions we earned.

Den Black, Delphi Salaried Retirees Assoc.



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