Being Informed About Abortion Options


Anne Davis wrote an excellent and useful letter to the editor of the New York Times back in January of 2009. Her letter deals with eradicating some of the ignorance that exists with respect to abortion options and the extent to which insurance covers costs of contraception, etc. Even though her missive is titled The Abortion Choices of Poor  Women, it contains important abortion advice for the rich, middle class, and poor.

Some women, particularly younger women or girls, believe that having an abortion will not prevent them from having a healthy baby if they choose to conceive later on. This is not always the case and should be considered and researched properly.

On a planet that is already infested with human beings, every pregnancy should be treated with the required due diligence since every child deserves to grow up hopeful.

The Abortion Choices of Poor Women

Published: January 11, 2009

To the Editor:

Re “For Privacy’s Sake, Risking Do-It-Yourself Abortion” (news article, Jan. 5):

Throughout history, women have tried many ways to end an unwanted pregnancy. Your article underscores the fact that after 36 years of legal abortion, some women still struggle to obtain reproductive health care because they don’t understand or trust the American medical system.

In my Washington Heights clinic in northern Manhattan, I see at least one patient every week who has tried to end a pregnancy on her own. When lack of information, poverty or stigma overwhelm pregnant women, some take matters into their own hands.

We can do better to educate women about their legal options. While they can use misoprostol to end a pregnancy, there are safer and more effective methods.

As we approach the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, physicians need to remember that reproductive health care remains a challenge, even in New York City. We must work within our communities to ensure that women know how to navigate the health care system.

Anne Davis

New York, Jan. 5, 2009

The writer is medical director of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.


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  1. Henry Morgentaler has passed. He improved the Canadian commoners understanding of abortion as a viable and rational alternative of bringing a fetus to term When mother was ill prepared to care for the child properly.

    Anti-Abortion zealots like James Kopp and Ken Buck would have done well to follow the bright ideological torch of Morgentaler who was once incarcerated for his unyielding and principled views.

  2. Margie Camp of Roswell,NM declares abortion should be safe, legal,accessible, and rare. Camp overplays the “war on women” card. The war is on women who irresponsibly become pregnant and then expect responsible taxpayers or insurance companies to pay for her “reproductive healthcare”. The “war on women” as Margie perceives it is silly and nonexistent which is how John Stossel sizes things up too. Roe v Wade does NOT protect every single woman who gets knocked up. Women have right to be promiscuous, just like males, but not to the extent it bales them out of one night stands or a poor choice of mates at the expense of taxpayers or elevating insurance premiums for those that know how to keep their genitalia in their pants.

    1. Margie Camp in letter to editor politely implores citizens to be aware that their religious freedom is slowly and inexorably dissolving before their very eyes. I only hope she is very aware of the other side of the religious freedom coin where guys like Paul Hill killed an abortion doctor because he thought the God he worships approved it.

  3. Margaret Rodriguez of Roswell,NM ignorantly states the legalization of abortion increased the occurrence of child abuse and violence. Child abuse has always existed irrespective of the laws regarding abortion. Her letter to the editor makes references to unnamed studies of questionable authenticity which support her fallacious views on the effect of abortion.

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