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Writing Letter to The Editor

Irony abounded in Benjamin Lyon’s letter to The Lantern, the school publication of Ohio State. Benny recommends trying to control stress in order to have less stress. Lets see, using one stressful activity to control your overall level of stress sounds super intelligent. Michigan Spartan fans feel higher levels of stress due to the cheating fourth down ball mark that should have been overturned, but refs were afraid of an out of control mob of Buckeye fans. The Ann Arbor boys had that game stolen from them! Even hard core Buckeye zealots know deep down their footballers LOST!

Throughout my college experience, I have realized there is one topic every student learns, regardless of his or her major: stress. It can be helpful — stress is a natural way our brain communicates with the body to restore balance and perspective. Other times, stress can be so invasive and overwhelming it gets classified with a clinical name. The Mental health issues of college students are on the rise, with anxiety and depression being the most common.
With technological advancements, we are the most connected, fast-paced and busy generation in history. Society is more disconnected from individual interaction than ever before(This includes our current president elect who has barricaded himself tweeting away in Trump tower). Financial stressors are among the biggest worries college students share. The abrasive blend of business, lack of person-to-person interaction and financial anxiety is the cause of misdiagnosed cases of anxiety and depression. It is easy to dismiss these problems as everyday stressors, but it is vital to know the difference between everyday stress and mental health issues.
Any student who has made his or her way through a full semester, has experienced what an exam week feels like. This is a period of concern, restlessness, dietary changes and unhealthy sleep patterns. Physical symptoms include muscle tension, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irritability, chest pain and headaches. Students need to realize that these negative things are normal, but should be temporary. If these things are part of a Buckeye’s daily routine, he or she should seek help. Help can be found through Ohio State’s very own Psychological Services Center.
College makes a person grow in many facets of life. With growth, there are growing pains. However, these growing pains shouldn’t limit the way a person lives.(Shouldn’t but necessarily does!)


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