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Writing Letter to The Editor

Bob Shettles wrote a letter to the editor of his hometown newspaper around 11 years ago regarding a senate bill which makes it difficult for homeowners to seek redress of grievances with respect to negligent home builder practices that can lead to costly repairs.

Some areas of Missouri are experiencing spectacular growth. This growth means that home buyers are moving to cities throughout the state and are contributing to their economies. The most important investment many people make is the purchase of a home. I am disappointed that two state senators, Jon Dolan of St. Louis and Luann Ridgeway of Smithville, are sponsoring legislation that can make home ownership more difficult.

Senate Bill 168 makes resolution of shoddy construction and repair work a homeowner’s nightmare. The Senate description of SB 168 says that it “creates a process to resolve disputes arising out of alleged construction defects in residential property.”(Why is this language in the builder’s favor Bob. Wording seems neutral favoring neither side.Homeowners frequently make fraudulent claims against home builders.) This bill creates a decided imbalance of power between builders and homeowners. Homeowners are the losers.(Again, why are homeowners the losers here? The legislation creates a sequence of steps and protocol to help resolve disputes)

A stated goal of the party in power is to reduce and simplify government and to lessen the governmental burden on citizens. Dolan and Ridgeway are backing the home-building industry, which wants to make it far more difficult to get houses repaired. Legal experts who have testified against the bill say the bill would require homeowners to know the legal rules of evidence and pretrial discovery.

Tell Dolan and Ridgeway to drop the push for SB 168. It’s a bad bill, and it’s not good for Missouri’s homeowners.(next time you write a letter , please don’t remind your readers that bad is the same as not good)

BOB SHETTLES, Liberty, Mo.


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