Bond C and Keith Bell


Keith Bell a cartoonist for the Roswell Daily Record is no stranger to controversy and offensive caricatures. Bell, who forever linked Robert Maples with the image of a urinal , should be held accountable for irresponsible and often false portrayals of the facts. It is true that Robert Maples has offended many, but Maples is a good man who did not deserve the tasteless association of Urinal with his good name.

The truth is that Keith Bell has no core values in any of his cartoons. He is a talented cartoonist whose efforts create shock value or temporary sensationalism. He is a hired gun with no discernible political affiliation(updated point of view: Keith is pretty far to the right)

Keith Bell’s cartoon suggesting that property taxes will go down if Bond C is defeated is another example of a poorly researched point of view and proof that Keith Bell produces cartoons that fits the political views of whoever his current boss happens to be. I guess we are all prostitutes to some extent.

NMMI superintendent Jerry Grizzle did a great job of suppressing his disdain for Bell while composing a letter to the editor of the RDR. The NMMI head honcho smoothly refuted Bell’s very weak position while enumerating the benefits to the community and higher education if Bond C passes. I now better understand, a couple of years later,why Keith vehemently opposes giving ENMU any money.

Keith Bell is a little bit of loose cannon. Guys like him are a dime a dozen(updated point of view: he is actually a cut above many cartoonist who have sold out to their employer, and no this is not an implication that he has sold out to his!), but his employer the RDR should be held accountable if enough of his nonsense cartoons leak into circulation.

However his humorous way of characterizing the absurdities of every day life are priceless, and I have never seen him disrespect one’s choice of religion even when it involves murdering people who were openly critical and insulting of another’s religion.

Another Uninformed, Tasteless Cartoon by Keith Bell

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  1. Keith seems to enjoy trying to annoy Jerry grizzle of nmmi. Grizzle’s desire to promote bond c is understandable. Keith bell should give equal time to pestering John madden of enmu as he was an enthusiastic advocate of the infrastructure strengthening bond.

    1. It must be personal between Keith Bell and Grizzle. Bell depicted nmmi superintendent as a greedy bear going after alumnus funds when the reality is the alumni association has been getting away with their financial irresponsibility for way way way TOO long!

      1. This reminds me of the personal attacks of David Metz on superintendent Ellison. David Metz was that way in High School. Ellison could have filed libel or defamation suit against him. David Metz would sometimes pick fights with anybody who disagreed with him. Very insecure person. Barked real loud like chihuahua dog. Jesus Salazar set the record straight about Ellison’s contribution’s to the school on the hill.

        1. Carolyn Startzman Johnson is upset that Keith Bell accentatuated the obesity of district attorney Janetta Hicks in a cartoon that the rdr allowed to print. Wonder if carolyn works for the da? The rdr has sold out to attracting readers at the price of integrity. It’s all about advertising revenue baby.

          1. Rick Scifres, while writing about “income inequality”, points out that Keith Bell is a decent human being. In Roswell, this likely means that Keith and Rick attend the same church. Scifres uses vague phrases like national solvency and princes without borders while describing the meager social programs that exist in the United States.
            He also laments all the outsourcing corporate America opts for. I suspect Rick is not a businessman. He writes like an academician who does not understand that places like Roswell are swollen with lazy, spoiled, meth addict workers who steal from their employers, don’t show up to work etc ……..

        2. I was at NMMI for a year with little Davey Metz. He acts like he was pals with Jim Matchin. David likes to hear himself talk and specializes in complaining anybody who does not share his misinformed views.

          He published falsehoods about admiral Ellison and now the punk is criticizing Grizzle who is an exceptional superintendent.

          Metz needs to spend more of his time playing bingo or working at meals on wheels more fitting of a retired horse put out to pasture.

      2. Andrew C. Sweet, assistant superintendent of Roswell ISD and Goddard High principal, predictably and justifiably steps to the defense of his boss Tom Burris. Keith Bell has impugned the character of many without consequence. Tim Howsare would fire him, but that would drive down the circulation numbers of the RDR.
        The letter policy of the RDR will not allow libelous publication, the same should apply to Bell’s egregiously offensive and ignorant tripe.

        1. Aaron Aquino, president of business professionals of America at Goddard High School, wrote letter to editor stating he won first place financial management and economic research at a regional competition. Nathaniel Tavarez win second in banking and finance. The RDR editorial staff allowed the BPA pres to solicit for travel expense contributions for state leadership conference in Albuquerque even publishing his email I doubt this is legal, but now RDR will be obliged to give Roswell High equal time or face possible litigation.

          1. William Lyon wrote editorial in RDR amplifying the soul touching bonding effects of theater and how it allows one to open up to peers and others who who might not have the delicate tastes of a Thespian. Somebody other than this he who has the hair dew of a she came up with the headline Theater teaches discipline, which builds character.

          2. Brandy Withers, writing a millennial voices piece for RDR, must have believed she was providing us with deep insight when she revealed that the film industry, Hollywood, does not convey reality about high school life. She is mistaken when she posits that popular does not find its way into the hallways of Goddard high school. Oh well, sophomoric observations from a sophomore. Keep writing Brandy. As you age, you may be able to earn more than a modest income.

      3. I can see why Jerry Heck did not get elected to Roswell city council. He is bitter man who does not want to give back to community by not voting for school supporting Bond C and B. The old man who does not have kids enrolled at NMMI or ENMU only can whine that the bond defeat would lower property taxes. It is easy to see why selfish prick like him would not have s chance to win any election.
        He also attacks NMMI superintendent and Madden of ENMU for ceaselessly expanding their empires. Heck is a ceaselessly expanding wind bag.

        Jerry, my wife and 3 adult children voted FOR the passage of the bonds! FIVE votes to your one punk!!

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