Bonnie Cutthroat: The Review-Utah Valley University


The following letter to the editor of The Review, a student publication, at Utah Valley University, provides strong evidence that the editors allow pseudonyms for its letter writers. 

One Bonnie Cutthroat, perhaps deepthroat would have been more apropo, reports  sightings of horny, ovulating, coeds wearing skin tight shorts inviting sexual intercourse in public. Bonnie’s father called it amorous commotion. Many young women go to college to earn their MRS degree. Let’s face it, some of them come from large families and are looking for young man from an affluent family who can support them financially. Isn’t that what Pride and Prejudice was essentially about?

Now, I am aware that you young folks think the world of freedom from responsibility and so forth, but you are leaving a lot of room for misunderstanding about your attitudes toward adult behavior and impropriety.

Last week I was on your campus to review the health of your forestry and I was dumbfounded by the attire I saw passing. Young women with pants so short they could have been bathing suits, young men without any shirts whatsoever, both sexes showing underwear as if the public lawns and paths were locker rooms!

And at the same time I saw numerous couples engaged in what my father would call amorous commotion. In public!

What you need to realize is the value of your innocence(please expound on the value of their innocence. Weren’t you horny when you were their age?); the true worth of a reputation is beyond the fleeting seconds of carnal craving. And what do your professors think?(I am sure some of the professors there are banging their scantily clad female teaching assistants)

I suggest you all take a long look at yourselves.(They do in the mirror to make sure the contour of their ass and legs will attract virile young males)



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  1. Bonnie is being a bit naive. Major universities also function as mass mating ritual Sites. Sorority and Fraternity houses allow both sides places to assemble to strategize on best way to attract opposite and same sex leading to rough sex, drunken orgies, mind numbing orgasms. Think of all major institutions of “learning” as replicas of lecherous Rome with sodom and Gomorrah on the weekends.

    1. RYAN GAJEWSKI wrote an interesting piece about the former assistant of Lady Gaga. Jennifer O’Neill, who is more attractive than Lady, is suing for overtime claiming she had to be around the mega star 24/7 including sleeping close to her when she was ready to slumber. Ryan made no references to sexual toys or oral sex but Gaga is reputed to enjoy that much more than missionary style sex

  2. Did you read the angry open letter by Olga Fedorenko Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Seoul National University regarding a near sexual assault by young, horny, agressive Korean male student? The guy apparently thought it was Olga’s duty to give him an “English lesson” and engage in small talk. Does anybody know how Olga was attired on that well publicizied evening? It is a fine line. Buttock revealing clothing is akin to female animals presenting in nature, and well since we are animals, if a female indicates she is ovulating by the way she dresses, well …….

    Racial stereotypeing where a female teacher with a sexy figure should be flattered at the possiblity of hooking up with well endowed male must come to an end! Olga knows the power of Google and hopes the young Korean male will find her terrified account of him approaching her for sex in an isolated part of the campus. Hopefully, he will learn from his mistake. However some young female professors do enjoy having rough sex with their 20 year old male students to release the sexual tension of being stared at in their tight skirts during lectures.

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