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The following letter to the editor titled 

 Left wing rant, not true facts

written by Celin J. Valdivia makes a very strong case about the factual accuracy of Michael Moore’s research. Valdivia is correct in asserting that President Reagan did NOT fire every air traffic controller who ignored his return to work order. Moore did put way too much of the blame on Ronald Reagan as many left wing zealots  ( yes, amanda TERKEL they can be worse than KKK at times) did during that period.

I believe Valdivia is mistaken in his criticism of the Cuban medical system which was actually quite accurately depicted in Sicko by Michael Moore. The American medical system is close to broken and needs to be much less dependent on what insurance companies dictate and more dependent on honest doctors who are true healers and NOT greedy capitalists!

This letter is my response to the opinion article “30 years ago: The Day the middle class died” written by Michael Moore that appeared in The Jersey Journal on Aug. 10.

Michael Moore, gets all of the facts wrong about air traffic controllers union (PATCO) strike in 1981. He claims that President Reagan “fired every member of air traffic controller union who’d defied his order to return to work.” I agree with Mr. Moore that this was a bold move, but I personally feel that it was one our commander in chief had to make for the following reasons.

First, the security and safety of our citizens are the priority of government. This strike was certainly interfering with the safety of those traveling in the skies all across the United States. President Reagan wanted to avoid a possible catastrophe in the skies by ordering the air traffic controllers back to work.

Second, if President Reagan would have allowed the strike to continue what signal would he have sent to other unions we depend on for security and security issues in our society?(I voted for Reagan too, Celin) Furthermore, it is my firm unwavering belief that as a former union leader, the president had no intention of dismantling the union or firing its members. His hope after issuing an executive order was for the workers to return to their jobs and continue negotiating for a new contract.

In closing, there are many social and economical reasons one could debate as to why America’s middle class has declined in the last 30 years, but to blame President Reagan’s decision on PATCO strike in 1981 is preposterous. I strongly believe that Michael Moore is promoting his left wing ideology by trying to put down one of the most successful and popular presidents in modern history. We can not take as serious someone who portrays Communist Cuba’s medical system in his films as a model for the United States should follow? God bless America.

Celin J. Valdivia
Union City


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