Cell phone towers in your neighborhood.


Tej Anand, presumably no relation to the former world chess champion, wrote a convincing letter to editors of NewCastleNow opposing the erection of a Verizon cell phone tower. He cited the usual arguments of diminished property value, environmental encroachment,  detracting from historical character of region, etc.

In densely populated regions, more cell towers are necessary to avoid dropped calls, unlimited data promises by entities like Sprint and AT&T. These towers have to he placed somewhere and will always be opposed by homeowners and businesses in the immediate proximity. Not In My Back Yard or NIMBY is a typical and understandable reaction in circumstances like this.

Verizon/Homeland has filed an application for installing a 150-foot cell tower on 620 Armonk Road (NY Route 128) in New Castle. The proposed cell tower will be directly behind the tennis courts of the Twin Oaks Swim & Tennis Club (See the map below).  The Homeowners Association of Whippoorwill Lake Road has put together a petition asking the New Castle Planning Board to deny Verizon’s application.  We have put forward ten reasons ( there are probably others) why constructing a cell tower at this location is incompatible with its historical and natural surroundings, and will impact the quality of life and the property values of surrounding neighborhoods.



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