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  Letters To EditorWho couldn’t be amused/irritated with respect to the position of Claudia Volk in her letter to the editor? This Fort Meyers, Florida attorney  was miffed that Chris Johnson was not familiar with the responsibilities and duties of the elected office he is seeking. Claudia is quite knowledgeable of the job descriptions of both the treasurer and finance director and can not imagine why one running for either position could be so clueless. I think she could proficiently handle the loads and requirements of either office and would vote for her if she ran, even though I don’t live in her neck of the woods.

We live in such a pooh-pooh society these day that people will gladly take a job they are not qualified for and feel no remorse. Watch dogs like Claudia Volk might catch folks slipping through the cracks occasionally, but many incompetents do slip through even in professions like medicine and law.

I was shocked to read the Guest Commentary by Chris Johnson in the October 23-29 Falls Church News-Press. I would hope that one seeking an elected office would at least know what the position does.

Quite simply, the treasurer is responsible for maximizing the collection of revenues and serves as the custodian of all public monies. That is the extent of the authority of the office. The position of treasurer is a constitutional office, with the functions and authority of the office mandated by the state.

Financial reporting is the sole responsibility of the finance office. The finance director is a local, non-elected employee of the City and the finance office is a separate department from the treasurer’s office. Just as in most major corporations, basic internal control demands that those responsible for accounting for revenues are not the same individuals responsible for the collection of revenues.(That’s right–when it comes to money a municipality is better off not having to trust a single person)

Yes, I agree that the City of Falls Church finance office has room for improvement, but that in no respect can be, nor should be, under the influence of the treasurer.

Claudia Volk

Falls Church


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