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How could one not be entralled by the polite but assertive refutation of the entire left wing point of view produced by Cliff Archer of Bridgton, Maine. Rowhouse residents are almost exclusively GOP/conservative and Cliff is no exception!  The right has zero respect for apparatchiks like Hillary, but at least they heard and understood her parties perspective even though she did a piss poor job of running the democratic campaign losing embarrassingly to Donald Trump. I think Archer would enjoy this piece about the sanctuary city of Santa Fe, NM.

It seems liberals resort to name calling because they are unable to argue rationally and logically against conservative views. When presented with logic and reason they feel threatened and then retaliate with verbal attacks.

You are unable to think independently if you are liberal, for if you vote outside what the left supports, you are subject to verbal abuse for voting outside the party(this is partially why the democratic party got ambushed in the general election!).

Democrats preach acceptance. Conservatives practice it.

Cliff Archer



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  1. Dear Whoopi Goldberg,

    Do NOT let the fake news blogger in Costa Rica profit anymore than he already has by claiming YOU said that US Navy Seal Widow, Carryn Owens, attended the Trump inauguration to be honored because she was “looking for attention”.

    We know you overhyped any threats made against your family. You would not be able to show the FAKE NEWS bloggers claims caused the potential for bodily injury to you or those you love. Yes Costa Rica is big enough to protect him from your legally baseless threats to prosecute him.

    You amped up his ad revenue by refusing to ignore his boney white ass women! Forget it girlfriend!!!

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