The Creative Consequences of a stolen presidential campaign sign


Jimmy Allison found a novel way to advance his political views in a letter to the editor of the Roswell Daily Record. Somebody stole a Gary Johnson for President election sign from Mr. Allison’s front yard.

Mr. Allison, in a justifiably sarcastic manner, enumerates 10 reasons why the thief may have ripped off his Gary Johnson for President sign. The likelihood that a scofflaw who would steal a sign would also be reading letters to the editor of the RDR is quite low, but one has to admire Allison’s attempt to convert a negative to a positive!

I would like to challenge one of Jimmy Allison’s reasons for being so fired up about the Gary Johnson candidacy:  You realize there can be no compromise on the issue clean air and clean water. Allison would love this cartoon harpooning the easing of smoking laws.

One has to love Allison’s desire for the purity of the air we breathe and the water we drink, but there is the usual conflict on matters like this. What I mean is that all Americans want clean air and water, but many of these same idealistic folks also invest in mutual funds who, in turn, invest in companies that have deleterious effects on our water and air.

Unless you leave all your money in a bank or credit union with pathetically low-interest rate, you are either directly or indirectly profiting from companies who likely do harmful things to our environment.

Lastly, Mr. Allison also lists: You realize that despite our best efforts at enforcement, education and interdiction, people continue to use and abuse illegal drugs. Would like to know if he is suggesting that the “war on drugs” has failed miserably and that our country would be better off making them all legal. If people choose to consume them then so be it. We let folks consume alcohol and our society has hoisted that tragic burden. Addiction is here to stay and our attempts at controlling the supply of addictive substances has failed. I believe much more harm has  occurred fighting the war on drugs and fewer casualties would be the outcome of legalizing drugs.

Stolen Gary Johnson for President Sign

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  1. Jimmy, Roswell is a much windier city than Chicago. We have had many items in our front yard, which we thought were unmovable, get blown away by powerful gusts that are known to surge through our city.

    Do you know for a fact that that somebody ripped off your beloved “Gary Johnson for President” sign? I am surprised the RDR would publish your letter. Maybe it was a back handed dig at somebody who actually thought Gary Johnson was a viable presidential candidate.

    The city of Roswell is full of kleptomaniacs like the lady who stole her birthday cake out of Albertson’s or the fools who get caught shoplifting at Walmart and Target.

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