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      Writing Letter to The EditorCurtis Collins wrote an excellent letter to the editor of the Jamestown News and Record which nicely detailed the reality of the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare. Collins accurately exposes the ignorance of Barbara Sloan while pointing out that NO bureaucrats will be involved in life or death decisions regarding the choice of one’s health care provider. 

I personally agree with Barbara Sloan that ObamaCare will “in the aggregate” make health care more affordable for the average American. Sounds like there is some sort of personal history between Collins and Sloan and neither party is willing to budge.

Don’t you just hate it when facts get in the way of a good story? Yes, In Barbara Sloan’s letter of Sept. 9 affirming Obamacare, she attempts to correct the facts and concerns of another writer by claiming that: the cost of health care insurance for most Americans will often be “drastically lower”; that millions of jobs will be created; and that no, bureaucrats will not be involved in life-and-death treatment decisions between you and your doctor. Check the facts, she stated, so I did.

Families of four with income above $62,300 and single wage earners making above $20,000 will most definitely see price increases, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation Study, which is generally favorable to the Obamacare concept. Jobs? Even the unions now voice opposition because business is moving jobs to part-time status in an attempt to control the anticipated explosion in health coverage costs.

And, also, the Independent Payment Advisory Board will in fact arbitrate medical costs and treatment decisions “to control Medicare spending.” Even strong Democrats such as Howard Dean have recently sought to remove this panel from the plan. So not all opposition or concern is “right-wing propaganda,” is it, Ms. Sloan?

Curtis Collins


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