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The following letter by a disgruntled waiter/waitress  was written to the editors of the Daily Miner in Kingman, Arizona. She understandably did not want to divulge her name. First, she needs to understand that TIPS is an acronym which means to To Ensure Prompt Service. That means no prompt service then not much of a tip. Second this pissed off waitress needs to realize it is not the general public’s problem that she is not educated enough to get a higher paying job. If people want to come in and booze it up, that is their business. Does this wait person actually believe they should drink less so they can tip her more?! Third she took the time to compose a will written, lucid letter defends her point of view….maybe she should use her brains to go back to college to enhance her employment possibilities. Fourth if she has a sexy figure, she should do a  sex video like Kim Kardashian and just sit back and let the dollars pour in doing a reality TV show……

Hot Sexy Waittress

Just teasing and good luck to you! Fifth sometimes  the tip a member of the wait staff receives is directly dependent on how quickly they take care of refills or whether the refills are free…..JUST SAYING
Wait staff live on tips

I work at a popular restaurant in town. I don’t believe that most people understand that we only make $4.25 an hour in wages. The rest we make up in tips. Now a lot of people say that tipping is “extra,” but understand that if my boss paid me minimum wage, your meal would increase at least 85 percent. It’s hard enough for a restaurant to see a profit. So they would have to increase the prices to pay for the wages, taxes and Social Security taxes. I think that 15-percent gratuity is a lot better that an 85-percent ticket increase.I say this because like everyone else, I and the others I work with are struggling to make ends meet. The government taxes me on a percentage of my sales. So when a big party comes in, rings up a check of $190 and then leaves no tip, it cost me to wait on them. I can understand if you are on a limited income, but when the alcohol bill is larger than the food bill, I doubt that you’re broke. If you don’t want to tip, then go get fast food. At least they get minimum wage.

Name withheld by request


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  1. This hot waitress would do well on the Bachelorette….better than its star/victim Desiree Hartsock. Don’t get me wrong, Desiree seems great and she’s definitely stunning, and certainly the series couldn’t find a more grateful recipient of a rent-free month indoors, but her season hardly has the built-in following of fans or the huge budget her predecessor Emily Maynard enjoys.

  2. Amy Langfield wrote an article about how McDonald finance guide is insulting to low-wage workers. If they did not employ low wage workers, your Big Mac would have a higher price. Same with Walmart. You low income people should have worked harder in school to avoid being stuck in dead-end job.

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