Daily Miner: Port Solley


A common thread that seems to unite humanity is the urge to write about an event that pulled our heartstrings. Port Solley was so moved by the generous spirit of a Denny’s waitress that he chose to write a letter to the editor of the Daily Miner. Who knows Port, you sound like a very young 78 year old man. Next time you are in Denny’s (tomorrow) , pinch her on her firm ass.

Kingman Letter: Thanks to
A special thanks goes to a waitress at Denny’s
on Andy Devine. She is an angel in disguise.
I went into Denny’s as I always do every
morning (I am a very early riser), when I noticed a homeless man with a
backpack in front. The man asked a waitress named Vanessa if he could have
something to eat. He had no money. She told him to sit on the bench outside.
Out of her tip money she bought him
I am 78 years old in February, and if I were
younger, I would be camping on this gal’s doorstep.
Thank you, Vanessa, from the bottom of my
Port SolleyKingman

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