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Daily News: Elmer Kendall


Elmer and Corrine Kendall’s letter to the editor of the Daily News in Jacksonville,NC is a very common point of view for country bumpkins living in small towns. He actually believes God helped his father to find water with a tree limb or divining rod. Is Mr. Kendall’s God the same God that lets thousands and thousands of children die in Africa from thirst? Seems like God could figure out a way to get enough divining rods to the parents of all the children who were dying of thirst and unsanitary living conditions.

Elmer also probably does not understand that allowing school sponsored prayer in state supported schools is a step in the direction of a religion established by Congress. As far as Elmer “seeing the light” when his mother died, he is just admitting he had some sort of grief induced hallucination.

I am sorry about the tragedies that have beset Elmer Kendall, but if you are going to believe in something, believe in strong laws that will lock up in prison nut cases like Clara Harris who ran over her husband three times with his daughter watching! I still have not forgiven Oprah for interviewing Clara Harris in the  Mountain View Correctional Center in Gatesville, Texas. Oprah is great, but her interview served only to glorify or glamorize the murderous actions of a vengeful woman.

Constitution clearly written; just read it

To the editor:

The atheists in this country need to get a copy of the Constitution and read it all the way through.

The only mention of government and religion is that the Congress will not establish a religion. The corrupt judges in this country have turned the Constitution around to mean something that it was not intended to say.

What Ed Brown puts in The Daily News is paid for out of his own pocket. If you have ever seen the light from heaven, then you will know what I am talking about.

When my mother died, I saw the light(you may have seen something, but you can NOT prove it was GOD)and could not move or talk until the light went back up. The same thing happened when our son died a month later — so don’t tell me there is no God, as I know better.

God gave Ed Brown and other people certain things that other people cannot do. My father would take what he called a divining rod, which I called a tree limb, that was forked on one end and sharpened on all three ends and find water and how deep you had to go. I tried what he did, but it would not work — for me.

Our Founding Fathers made this great country, but the corrupt judges and non-believers are tearing it apart little by little.

Follow the Constitution — don’t turn it around to the way you want it.

Elmer and Corrine Kendall



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  1. Did you see Kevin Durant point his finger towards the heavens after the Thunder lost to Memphis in game 3 of nba playoffs? I think Kevin wanted the world to know he is not grateful to God ONLY when OKC wins.

    I was reminded of this in your article about people praying for rain.

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