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Fred Hale, in his letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News, shares the same frustration and disbelief as many Americans.  Why do so many of this nation’s citizens care more about which NBA basketball player is spanking Kim Kardashian than the substance of Ron Paul’s ideology?! I know that sex sells and beer advertisers have been exploiting that truth for many years, but I share Fred’s indignation over our fascination with shallow, non-accomplished people like the Kardashian Family. I don’t know why Bruce Jenner could not just be satisfied with his Olympic decathlon gold medal? 

I remember being very impressed with Jenner as a senior in High School. He was the best athlete in the ENTIRE WORLD by excelling in 10 events. Why did he have to involve himself in the pseudo-fame of reality TV shows?!?

Over the last 50 years, (maybe last 20 years Fred)our society has come to value celebrities, entertainers, political demagogues and sports figures far more than we value teachers, nurses, firefighters, soldiers, police officers, doctors, scientists, engineers and other important professionals and tradespeople.It is painfully obvious that we have lost our economic perspective when a TV actor playing the role of a police officer earns more for filming a one-hour episode than a real police officer earns in seven years.Well-trained, highly-skilled and dedicated civil servants, professionals, service providers and craft/tradespeople benefit this country far more than home-run-hitting, basketball-slamming, touchdown-dancing, booty-shaking and script-reading celebrities.

Fred Hale, Hot Springs Village, Ark.


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