It is likely that Denny Freidenrich of Laguna Beach, California has had a privileged life getting most of his information about the world from liberal/distorted sources. He seems to be afraid that “terrorists” might invade his beach hangouts and make his life as uncomfortable as American policy in foreign lands has made their citizens on edge and stressed out.

His perception that it is even possible for United States forces to “take out” the Islamic State fighters before his comfy living conditions in Laguna Beach get disturbed is ignorant and clueless. Why would anybody value the opinion of a confirmed draft dodger especially when this individual is recommending the deployment of American troops to sustain his comfortable lifestyle?

At some point people like Denny will become aware that what they refer to as terrorism is partially a consequence of US meddling in foreign affairs that are none of our business. So Denny, vote for politicians who will tend to the significant issues we have domestically, like the gun control you vehemently support, rather that putting our soldiers in harms way thousands of miles from home.


Last summer I wrote several letters urging U.S. forces to take out the Islamic State before the terrorist group strikes America. I argued that the Islamic State might have its sights set on Capitol Hill or Hollywood. Given the terrorists’ twisted logic, they believe these two iconic landmarks are the symbols of American hedonism and must be destroyed.

One of my friends asked me why I kept writing about them. “You’re pushing everyone’s buttons,” she said(Denny, are you actually deluded enough to believe that somebody actually cares about the opinion of a spoiled American who has never fought for his country?). “Why are you deliberately scaring us?” The answer was simple then, as it is now. The Islamic State recently put out a hit list of 100 U.S. servicemen and -women it wants its followers to assassinate (“Islamic State posts kill list with purported addresses of U.S. military personnel,” Web, March 21). The terrorists not only published pictures and names of these military personnel, they identified their locations, too. Just in case you think the Islamic State will be on the lookout for these brave troops in the Middle East, guess again. The terrorists published these troops’ home addresses on the mainland.

The war on terror is being fought all over the world. The Islamic State has proven it can capture territory in Iraq and Syria just as easily as it can influence one or two fanatics to attack innocents virtually anywhere. My written warnings aside(who cares about the written warnings of somebody who has never put on a uniform?), it’s only a matter of time before some lone wolf strikes America. When that happens, I hope the United States will be willing to counterattack on a massive scale.


Laguna Beach, Calif.


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