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This Kennebunkport, Maine resident is praying that fanatical moderates will destroy support for  Trump’s middle class saving tax bill. Doug is ignoring the well established empirical truth that tax cuts for small businesses and corporations free up money for expenses which include employee insurance, retirement plans, unemployment tax, etc. 

Mr McCrae knows that extra money in the pockets of honest businessmen will increase employment numbers nation wide. Unfortunately Doug seems to think ALL corporate leaders are unscrupulous and greedy.

Doug states that the proposed GOP tax plan “relies on accounting tricks and expiring tax cuts for middle- and lower-income citizens”. Yes, they will expire in the year 2025 sir, but the $24,000 standard deduction and 12% tax bracket will save this writer around $5000 per year until then! It will provide similar deep cuts for any American earning between $20,000 and $100,000 per year!

Have a nice day Doug and be prepared for the passage of the tax reform, that you fanatical moderates vehemently oppose, sometime before Xmas. What a wonderful gift for the hard working middle class folks!  Trump is keeping his campaign promise to his beloved voters. 



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