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Elwood Wilhelm of Galveston,TX stated a very widely held view that stricter gun laws would have prevented the Mandalay Bay shooter carnage in sin city. Yes, Mr Wilhelm, making it more difficult to acquire firearms may have stunted the gambling gun man’s killing spree. 

The more significant problem you are overlooking is that tighter restrictions on the purchase of guns would have  made it difficult for thousands and thousands of home owners and citizens to protect their property and families! To convince you of this, may require you to be held up at gun point or a loved one brutalized by a vicious criminal. I certainly hope this does not happen, but those are the type of events are perhaps the only thing that could change your mind. DO NOT take the guns out of the hands of honest law abiding people because of the occasional mass murder!

Thanks to Craig Lindberg for exposing common liberal specious and fallacious reasoning.

Recently, I have read a number of columns asking for gun control, especially after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. Yes, I called it horrific, but with all the calls, not one of the writers has put forth one single way that making a law restricting guns would have stopped any of the shootings in the recent past. Even the greatest advocate for gun control, Sen. Dianne Feinstein admits that no law could have stopped the Las Vegas shooter. Stricter background check? Passed all.

When they call for stricter checks they want to have me get a check on my son should I want to give him my handgun.

Let us get down to the real reason. When you take all moral reasons away, there is no barrier to murder. We have said that life comes from the goo just like all other animals. Then there is no reason to see any life greater than the roach we step on.

We murder the innocent daily and say it is OK.(Who says it OK? Now you are just plain distorting the truth) So why is it wrong to shoot a few? Taking a life of a human being is wrong no matter how it is taken. Man not guns.


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