Evolution vs Creationism aka Donald Burleson vs John Watson


Jesus Holding Dinosaur

I keep waiting on the talented cartoonist Keith Bell to weigh in on the battle being waged in the editorial section of the RDR between Dr. Donald Burleson and John Watson. Mr Bell’s long list of pointed cartoons get right to the heart of the bullshit that is tolerated in Roswell,NM.  These gentleman have been writing post doctoral type exposition advancing their views on evolution and creationism respectively.

Please forgive this  this brief distraction by Cal Thomas  who waited til Chris Hitchens died to publish the standard bromides attempting to refute atheism.

Both guys, presumably past middle aged , use science as a bludgeon to support their very fixed vantage points. I posit their ages only to make a significant point. Does either gentleman really believe he has even a faint possibility of altering the others rigid and unyielding world view?

Mr Watson closes his most recent letter to the editor with Donald, it would be a pleasure to really explain God’s Word to you so you can then state you have examined the evidence from both design and evolution standpoints.

Watson emphatically wants a teleology and purpose to our existence. Evolution coldly rules out any possibility of the intelligent design espoused by Mr. Watson. What evidence does Watson have for proving that a man around 2000 years ago was dead for 3 days and then came back to life?

Moreover, Watson labors under the erroneous non sequitur of since us humans design things, then we must have been designed by some transcendent entity that loves us and cares for us. There is no way to ever establish the veracity of such a weak argument as this. Paley fell victim to this same specious type of thinking centuries ago.

Donald Burleson would be a likely exponent of the two books written by Richard Dawkins titled The Selfish Gene  and  The Blind Watchmaker. Both books lucidly reveal the same type of life creating self replicating chemistry that Dr. Burleson mentions in his letter.

In my view, John Watson sees the world the way he wants it to be and Mr. Burleson attempts to see the world the way it is.



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  1. I bet hard earned money that Dr. Burleson is a Sam Harris fan. Why? I have kept up with Burleson’s brave editorial campaign which takes “new earthers” ( a Burleson neologism I believe) to task. Burleson is brave because he resides in a conservative hot bath of a town with a church on every corner. Speaking out against folks who truly believe the earth was created around 6000 years ago is blasphemous in a town full of country bumpkins who literally believe all the old testament miracles.

    Harris and Burleson are NOT opposed to the collective human urge towards spiritual life OR the need for a moral code. Both men are likely adherents of secularism which states we can discover and practice “good behavior” without it being revealed to us by some form of benevolent, anthropocentric transcendence that can never be verified.

    BTW, Don I am completely on your side. Just a little reluctant to put my name on a letter in the newspaper of a town full of dogmatic, bible-thumping rednecks 🙂 Their ignorance knows no bounds and who knows what they would do to a nonbeliever because they believe they know God’s will.

    1. Mollie Burleson met an Angel at Kmart named Maria. I wonder if her husband shares her reality. Anyways, the Angel gave them a lift to Forrest Tire to get their car battery replaced.

      1. More Angels dug Mollie and her atheist husband out of their snow encased domicile courtesy of Goliath. I guess God must have answered her prayers NOT Donald’s.

  2. N. Raitt and Cathy L. Douglas both wrote thoughtful letters to the editor of the Roswell Daily Record on the evolution versus intelligent design debate. It’s amusing and pathetic that neither party understands that the debate will never be resolved. People will be arguing about Evolution versus creationism until the Human animal is extincted.

    Raitt is on record as declaring evolution is mathematically impossible which indicates He does not understand evolution or mathematics at even a middle school level. Burleson, who has a PHD in math, would do well to discontinue any dialogue with such ignorance.

    Raitt does not understand probability connected to the astronomical amount of time required for mutations to give the appearance of design and purpose. The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins expounds more lucidly upon this in such a way that any rational person would concur.

    The burden is on people like Raitt to prove that a man was dead for 3 days and then came back to life. At least the evolution camp tries to use science to advance their claims. Creationists can not imagine why anybody would doubt their absurd belief in the resurrection!

    1. Raitt would have no issue with the picture of Jesus Christ cuddling a baby dinosaur. Burleson should not even privilege Raitt with a discussion as Raitt is not a worthy opponent, but living in his world of self-deception. Burleson is a very eloquent messenger of the facts of evolution. Dim Wits like Raitt have no credence and should be ignored.

      1. I believe it was Rick Scifres who pointed out there is no point in even engaging people who believe the age of our planet is approximately 4000 years. I admire Roswell’s minute intelligentsia for trying to correct the intractable state of ignorance that pervades our city, but it is a losing battle akin to changing the direction of a glacier.

      2. Jay r. Smith gives his imprimatur to Randle Easley as the next USA ambassador to Benghazi, Libya. Smith praises Easley for conducting a Pew like poll to arrive at his nation saving conclusions.

      3. Also Tom Dannon Jr attacks Dr Burleson for closing his mind to facts that might damage his views on evolution,BUT as somebody else pointed out here Tom Dannon believes Jesus Christ was dead for 3 days then came back to life. Once you believe nonsense you have no credibility in discussions over our origins.

        1. George Debruin of Roswell politely challenges Dr Burleson apparently supporting intelligent design. George is a tad too visceral in asserting id while claiming our creator is from a “higher dimension”. He also leans too much on the word astonishingly for a border patrol agent.

    2. This all reminds me of Dale Neumann who along with his wife was convicted of the homicide of his daughter Kara. He testified that he knew Kara was sick but never thought she might die. In fact, he testified that he thought that Jesus would bring her back from the dead, as he did with Lazarus in the Gospel of John.

      This is proof of the potential harm of believing in the resurrection and other absurdities written in the bible passed off as miracles.

    3. Douglas Stepp of Dexter,NM is the latest country bumpkin to publicize his ignorance in the RDR. He finds a disreputable source that supports his inane view that mankind is only 6000 years Old. Stepp trying to match wits with Burleson is akin to a struggle between a chihuahua and a pit bull. Burleson wisely continues to not sustain communication with such intellectual dishonesty.

      1. Katherine Lawrence of Dexter,NM fails to recognize that a benevolent creator would opt for simplicity in lieu of complexity when designing the human organism. Indeed, complexity evidences a poor design. Back to the drawing board Katherine. You want there to be a God. You are not a truth seeker and only accept “explanations” that involve a magically invoked creator.

        And not even distantly related to the horoscope lady!

        1. Sara Westhauf is also on the record as asserting that complex biological entities like cells and organs incontrovertibly prove that a loving God must be responsible for our existence. Her guru is Michael Behe.

    4. Donald Burleson challenges the incurably ignorant to stand up and read the tripe they submit claiming earth is only 6000 years old at a major university symposium. People who do not believe in evolution deserve no voice in any intelligent conversation regarding our origin.

      1. John Ford briefly and concisely points out that evolution is factual because of the way the flu virus constantly replicates and requires an improved version of the influenza shot due to fact flu bug evolves or mutates.

      2. Edwin Silverne of Dexter, nm in his letter to editor makes the standard error assuming there must be a benevolent creator . The poor man has neither the intelligence nor the bravery to admit our existence is just a “cosmic accident”. He like other dimwits in small towns wants there to be an anthrocentric god and won’t let any evidence to the contrary obstruct his viewpoint.
        Edwin, your “magnificent universe” just is and your need to describe it via a loving God is a common human frailty.

        1. Anthony Ullman of Dexter NM further perpetuates the cycle of ignorance in that small town when he blurts out “Who cares why hitler hated Jews” He babbles on about representing a fictitious ghost three different ways…that’s what Christians do while 10 year old girls get sodomized and cut into pieces by meth heads in Albuquerque bath tubs

      1. Did anybody happen to read letter written by creationist Alice L Waggoner where sometime when God was making us out of a piece of clay that he “injected” DNA and a soul and free will? Her version of Jesus is named Yeshua. Stories like this perpetuating the greatest mass delusion known to man continue to originate in Roswell,NM.

  3. Bobby Barnett does not claim to have monkey blood running through his veins. This appears to be his basis for judging Burleson as being bound for hell. Barnett literally believes every word of the Bible.

    So many Jesus freaks write letters to the editor quick to point out that they are not judging whoever they are writing about. However, their every word drips with judgement and condemnation.

    Mr Barnett, if you are comfortable with your beliefs then why waste time putting your ignorance on display for all to witness? Your question about what date did monkeys quit having humans or the other way around indicates you have no clue about biology or evolution.

    1. Are you talking about pastor Bobby Barnett of the Trinity House of Praise in Roswell,NM ? He believes dinosaurs and people were on the earth at the same time. He is a good man, but there is NO changing that dude’s mind!! Stuart Nisbet was his running buddy long ago when they both considered auditioning for Dragnet.

      1. Just watched episode of Dragnet where teenager had LSD hallucination. School kids were coming up with slogans like When flower children go to pot they become blooming idiots or SOS for stamp out stupidity. In those days in Los Angeles, it was a novel idea to have the kids themselves oppose and deter drug consumption.

  4. Russell A. Scott hangs his hat on the assumption that macroevolution cannot be tested. The resurrection of Jesus Christ can NOT be tested either. Mr. Scott has closed his mind to the fact that evolution explains our existence much better than blind faith in something that very likely never happened.

    Scott is also confused about the notion of complexity. He warns us to never accept simplistic explanations. Cells are complex he notes. However, complexity evidences poor design. Complexity arises from the slowly moving, directionless nature of evolution.

    1. Poor George Harlinger. He is inferior and does not even know it. Harlinger fancies himself as more intelligent than a PHD mathematician. He cites a calculation by Hoyle that produces an exceedingly low probability for human formation from inanimate matter and concludes there must be a God , an erroneous conclusion btw. Harlinger does not understand that even low probability events will occur given long enough durations. Also “experts” are notorious for publishing probabilities that are later shown to be way off , not that it makes any difference regarding Harlinger’s specious and fallacious reasoning.

      1. Tom Dannon Jr. Of roswell,nm fails to accept that God is completely impossible. Robert Timken is married to the impossibility of “spontaneous generation”. Neither dimwit understands evolution. They want there to be a God and nothing will interfere with their unabated ignorance.

        1. Your picture of Jesus Christ cuddling baby dinosaur is despicable. God is real and you will burn in hell for your blasphemy and negative thoughts. I pray for you!

    2. Right, Russell Scott embraces macroevolution more than the resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. George Harlinger does not understand that the act of even defining life is fraught with difficulty if not impossible.

  5. Jonathan S Crosier of Dexter and Ed McCreary are the latest to publish their thoughts on the specious reasoning campaign against the naked truth of evolution. McCreary erroneously concludes life forms from other regions in our universe would be inclined to communicate with us. Ed do humans attempt to communicate with ants?
    Ed McCreary believes aliens are Demons. Poor deluded man. You can only pity such ignorance and misery. His babbling only proves life on this planet is often NOT so intelligent!

    1. In Roswell,nm a person was allowed to have his letter to editor published which attempted to discredit Donald Burleson for learning mathematics from textbooks written 40 years ago. Any marginally intelligent person should not consider anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who would consider this a weakening of Dr Burleson’s authority on evolution.

      I am starting to understand what is happening with the evolution/creation debate. We have an individual who received a PhD in mathematics perhaps 30 or 40 years ago, using textbooks written 20 or 30 years before that.

      1. Off topic, but are you the same Ed Kilmer who ripped off investors in Lubbock Texas? You and your buds opened a night club called The Basement near Texas Tech(beat A&M Aggies in those days)which went belly up soon after it opened. You did NOT do your due diligence and effectively stole from honest people.

    2. Eugene L. Frank, not citing his credentials, declares that Evolution is Impossible. Eugene, like so many Christians, can not face the fact that us humans get old,suffer and then die just like all the other organisms on the planet. Donald Burleson is ignoring all the anti-evolution tripe that is appearing in local newspaper as he should.

  6. Bill Palarson of Roswell intelligently attempts to refute Burleson with observations about the reversibility of primordial soup chemical reactions and what can happen given astronomical durations of time. Palarson claims Burleson assumptions about replicating chemistry over long periods are specious.

  7. I admire dr burleson for even replying to the ignorance displayed by Eugene Frank and others who only hope there is a caring and loving God. Burleson claims conditions on earth were ripe for abiogenesis to explain the origins of life.

  8. Rafael Valens apparently does not believe in evolution as indicated in his letter to the editor of the Roswell Daily Record. I don’t blame Rafael for criticizing the nonsense written by Russell Scott, but Burleson only supports evolution not attack creationism. Valens speaks of determining the facts. The centerpiece of Valens’ Christian views is that a man was dead for three days and then came back life. Rafael, perhaps you should give some deep thought to this “fact”.

  9. John Watson calls out Pastor Troy Smotherman of Church on the Move in his letter to the editor of the RDR. Watson believes that only himself understands God’s message and invites Smothermon over for a free bible study. Watson is just another idiot infected with the religion virus.

    1. Savino Sanchez, a close friend of Angelica Rubio and Sara Mitchell, is opposed to the construction of solar farm because it is too close to Church on the Move in Roswell,NM. Let’s see being too close to a church in a town with way too many versus creating 100 new jobs in a town that is abjectly poor and full of welfare and food stamp EBT card families??! Common Savino!!

        1. Hi Doris, glad to see you are interested in this comment thread. I bet I know how you would look at the views of Richard D. Greensfelder.

          Please read his letter to Rick Warren! If Greensfelder really means what he says, what is the point of tolerating all this pain and suffering? Was that God’s way of seeing if we loved him. What gives God the right to subject us to all these trials just so he can live eternally with us? So much nonsense put out be religion!

          Mr. Warren, Our faith tells us that Jesus was waiting for your son, Matthew, as soon as he walked thru Heaven’s Gate. For those who do not believe what we believe, all that we can do is to pray that someday they will see ” The Light” ! I am quite certain that Mr. Tony Dungy has reached out to you but if not may I suggest that you cotact him, Mr. Dungy can help you. May God continue to help you thru these difficult times. Sincerely, Richard D. Greensfelder

          1. Many have absolutely no fear of death. The variety of near-death research and personal experience lead to the conclusion death is simply a transition into another kind of reality states Dr. Raymond Moody. Sounds like our good doctor writing for collective evolution was not making enough money as a real doctor.

    2. Rich Oddler, of Roswell,NM, wrote a letter to the editor of the RDR defining the meaning of Lent as the 40-day period before Easter when many Christians abstain from animal foods in remembrance of Jesus Christ. Christ fasted for 40 days before beginning his ministry.

      Oddler, irrationally, mentions that eating non-animal products which is pretty much everything but plants is good for our health. Newsflash Rich, we are part of the food chain and it is senseless for Christians to “clear their conscious” for 40 days when we are all irrevocably entwined in the food chain where “all consumes all”. We are just animals with an overdeveloped brain that wish we were special and hope their is a God that cares for us

      Oh yeah, I guess Rich feels better about himself for replacing dead animals with dead plants(that would be vegetables and fruits) in his diet.

      1. Rich Oddler runs a restaurant in Roswell based on his letter to editor of RDR which links the horrors of Halloween to the meat industry. His Twitter account has link that does not work.

        Dick Luntz thanks an RPD officer for waking him up at 430am to remind him SUV parking lights were on. Officers time would be better spent closing down meth houses.

        1. How many times do we thank our underpaid police officers for their invaluable assistance and support of our community? Maybe more of us should have thanked 24 year old female RPD officer Valerie Palombi. The off duty policewoman was in a suicidal state at her east Gallina road residence when she was shot with bean bags and taken into custody.

          Police officers lead isolated lonely lives and are rarely greeted by citizens. Officers are treated rudely by the motorists they pull over for speeding or running red lights. No wonder some contemplate taking their own life.

          1. It is ashame Ron Smith, president of Roswell police officers association, had to write a lengthy letter to editor of newspaper defending the proper actions of his officers handling the suicidal state of young female officer. The idiot who wrote the letter that Smith reacted to was scrutinizing the use of force used by RPD. Somebody else wrote here I think that the liberal idiot needs to be held up at gunpoint while officers have only bean bags to use as projectiles! Naive uninformed morons who have no idea how much force is actually required for them to have safe comfortable lives where they can sit back in the comfort of their living rooms and ignorantly criticize those who are protecting them!

        2. I agree with Charmaine L. Martin that costumes have become way too macabre and gruesome. Horny females have been caught exploiting the anonymity of Halloween by performing felatio on football players within their costume.

  10. Russell A. Scott, Rafale Valen,Lacy N. Corman,LaDonna Corman are all quarreling and bickering with themselves and Watson over their perception of God’s Will. What a waste of time and space in the letter to the editors space of Roswell daily record!

    1. Russell A Scott also misses the point of a hate crime when he attempts to refute the intent of enforcing hate crime laws. His letter to the editor of the RDR was well written but based on fallacious reasoning. You can not fault Scott for favoring a father punching out a pedophile for molesting his children.

  11. Randal Seyler, an advocate of the separation of Church/State, writes energetically about House Bill 302 which effectively allowed creationism to be taught in science classes. The RDR reporter also introduces Doris Rashad bravely emerging from her atheistic closet consequent to this bogus piece of legislation.

    Rashad, incensed that intelligent design giving rise to absurdities like The Flying Spaghetti Monster religion, founded the group Roswaheists describes the insular, lonely experience of being an atheist in Roswell.

    She incisively points out that being atheist/agnostic is NOT tantamount to having no values,ethics, or moral code. In fact Roswatheists have conducted fund raising and spearheaded charitable causes.

    Than you Doris for having the intestinal fortitude for a cause that is potentially job threatening, but needs to have a voice in town full of narrow minded hypocrites.

      1. Good to hear from you Doris. As your article indicates publicly revealing ones atheism can cost you your job. Roswell is full of Bible Thumpers and many of them are in positions of power. I don’t want to risk losing my job at the hands of zealots.

          1. I have learned the hard way that there are no secrets in small towns. I don’t doubt that you would try to preserve anonymity, but that is close to impossible to achieve. How do your colleagues react to your atheism?

              1. What gives with your criticism of church on the move? At least they are trying to save people’s souls! You guys sit around worshipping the devil thinking you are better off than people who love Jesus.
                What do you mean by pod person?

                1. Cindy, I will allow your comment to remain but Doris never declared she worshipped the devil. Don’t create drama where there is none and try to be civil and fair if you want to retain your posting privileges here.

                  1. Thank you, Cindy and Jackson. I’d been trying to reply, but the replies wouldn’t go through. User error, I’m sure.

                    First, we do not worship the devil because we don’t believe in one.

                    Next, my criticism of Church on the Move derives from my experience working with their congregants. I have seen firsthand the following behavior consistently:

                    •Bearing false witness

                    •Nasty gossip

                    •A general lack of concern for people who aren’t of their faith or church-xenophobia

                    •The tendency to pick their neighbor’s sty without noticing their own.

                    1. An atheist does not believe in God so that means you gotta believe in Satan the way I figure it. Enough of this splitting hairs them fancy words of yours.

                    2. Cindy, your response is laughably childish. I’ll do my best not to use “them fancy words” of mine in reply; there will be one exception, though, for which I apologize in advance. What you’ve done there with your, “if you don’t believe in god, you gotta believe in satan” is called a “syllogistic fallacy”.

                      For instance, it would be unfair and pretty silly of me to tell you that if you don’t like coffee, you *must* like tea. Or, if you don’t believe in Spider-man’s existence, you clearly know Superman is real.

                      That aside, are you really saying that breaking one of the ten commandments (Exodus 20:16) is “splitting hairs”?! Not to mention the uncaring attitude toward outsiders (xenophobia)–Mark 12:31, Matthew 22:39. The sty reference was from Luke 6:42.

                      Come on now, Miss Cindy. Please let’s be reasonable and adult about this.

                    3. Why are you talkin about 10 commandments if you are an atheist? You don’t care bout none of em anyways since you don’t love Jesus Christ and take him as your savior. The ones I knowed in High School was always stirring things up an making fun of Honest and god fearing Christians.

                    4. Cindy;
                      First, I am an atheist, in part, because I read the bible–all of it; I only talk about what I know about. Believe me, Cindy–I know the bible inside and out. Next, you asked me what problem I have with Church on the Move; I simply answered your question by pointing out that the congregants do not adhere to the bible, unless it’s a part they like. You are the one who joined in a conversation simply to make absurd, logic-defying accusations. Also, kindly do not tell me what I care about and what I don’t care about.

                      Finally, please point out how, exactly, I’ve made fun of christians, or theists, in any way.

                    5. You not believing in God is the same as making fun of Christians. The fact you be all riled up about this shows you know you don’t have much to stand on. I will pray fir your soul. God bless you and your kind. I know you don’t believe in him but only he can save you from hell!

                    6. Cindy, if you have made any attempt to be fair and objective, your effort has eluded me. All I see is an attempt to foment and agitate. Maybe you should look up what those “fancy words” mean rather than criticize from a decidedly ignorant vantage point. Your posting privileges are suspended until you can prove a level of civility which I doubt you will ever possess. This site is too big for me to scour it daily ferreting out these mini skirmishes.

                    7. You bet. You have no idea how many narrow minded types I have had to ban here! What’s interesting is that they are invariably the ones who you would expect to exhibit patience and tolerance. My experience at this particular blog has been that atheist/agnostics are less likely to react in an abrasive or combative way. This is in stark contrast to their bible thumping counterparts.

                    8. If you are speaking of The comments of Secular is Honest, then good luck:) Did not supply valid email address and also appears to be be worried about going public with beliefs. When I lived in Houston, an atheist had his character assassinated at the IT firm I worked at. He was outspoken about his views in break room and they managed to get rid of him for “other reasons”.

                    9. Site Admin and Doris, I will pray for your souls and salvation through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Both of you attempt to apply logic where only faith will get you through the day. What do you have to live for if you do not believe in an almighty God? Would you like to join our group in a prayer session where the he goal would be conversion to Christianity? God cleanse and save your souls 🙂

                    10. Sarah;
                      First, thank you for refraining from making ridiculous accusations. Next, I appreciate the thought behind your praying for me, however, I do not attempt to use logic-I use it. I cannot speak for the moderator, but he never said he’s a nonbeliever. I am not interested in your group, but appreciate the invitation.

                    11. Miss, I would never intentionally make an atheist feel bad. I just really want what is best for all people and can not imagine not having the comfort of the Good Lord to help me though the trouble times my family has gone through. My sister was raped on a date with popular football player and he got off after only spending one night in jail!!! We prayed to God that my sis would get over it an she has. God helped us financially when my dad was not well. I could go on but hope you see why my faith is strong.

                    12. Sarah, Doris is a little more polite about your invitation to “cleanse our souls” than I can be. Your unwillingness to recognize that the world is full of folks who do not acknowledge the existence of a soul is a bit disconcerting. Most Christians effectively believe in magic precisely because they are afraid that the “lights will go out” when they die. I stand by my agnostic claim that Christianity is built as a house of cards with the foundation claiming that a man was dead for three days then given life again. I feel much safer conducting my life like Doris than believing in such absurdities. I do thank you for your sincere concern, but attempts to proselytize me are a waste of effort, words, and time.

                    13. Thanks, my self-restraint in these matters is a requirement for maintaining my co-admin status for this site. I always have to write knowing that the site admin is overseeing everything. Attempting to preserve neutrality is not so easy when exchanging views on religion and politics. My true role is not to voice my opinion, but to expunge personal attacks from the comments. Hopefully, Sarah is not scared off from voicing her views here as I did rather forcefully express my distrust of religion. We seemed to have lost that closet atheist who was involved in this dialogue. Oh well, at least the individual got a chance to vent a little.

                    14. It is a shame that Secular didn’t come back. I’d truly love to help him or her, if only to provide a sense of community. When I founded the group and it started growing, it was such a relief! When the fair and kind article about is came out, I was ecstatic. Anyway, I consider you a friend–online at least. 😉

                    15. Thanks again for being brave Doris. I reviewed what Secular said and share a little of his/her paranoia about going public with “anti-religion” views in small communities. I work in Ruidoso, Hobbs, and sometimes Roswell. Roswell seems to be “the worst” as far as judgemental bigot types. I have to watch my language, but I truly feel bigot is a fair term to describe the crass and coarse perspective of some of their citizens. You seem to have found a substantial nucleus of people there who want to share their views publicly. Nicely done! Take care

            1. (Though I do understand your hesitance and aversion)

              The rest of my group has seen your comments and hope to hang out with you. Since this is public, I won’t tell you where and what time, but we will be meeting up today. If you’d like to check us out, just email me. I check it every few minutes.

  12. Rick Kraft writes an inspiring column in the Roswell newspaper that all you atheists should follow. He wrote that Conrad Hilton’s last words were leave the shower curtain on the inside of the tub. Then he talked about the last words of our lord and savior Jesus Christ which were forgive them father they don’t know what they are doing. There is still time for you to love Jesus with ALL your heart!

    1. Dearest Flicka;

      While I truly appreciate your concern, I am having trouble following what a shower curtain and the last words of a fictional demigod have to do with my atheism. Did you read the article about Roswatheists? It states very plainly that I am well well educated in Christian theology.

      Phrases like, “there is still time”, and “before it’s too late” no longer intimate(intimidate–JD/admin) me. It is unacceptable for people to continue relationships with those who say, “love me back or I’ll set you on fire”, but it’s moral and good for your god(s) to make the same threat?! No.

      Please consider that there may not be an afterlife; that this might just be the only life you have, and you’re willingly enslaving yourself and giving 10% of your income to a deity who has no need for material wealth (though your fellow hominids do).

      1. Doris,
        How did I miss this humorous refutation of of Flicka’s tenuous point of view 🙂 The notion of a transcendent deity in need of material wealth is indeed ludicrous casting doubt on the credibility of tithing practice which is probably no more than a guilt trip laid down by the church…..paying the church to make you feel less guilty about having sex with the pastor’s daughter….Catholic indulgences etc.

        Your hominid referencing underscoring the notion that we are animals with with this overdeveloped organ between our ears is lovely, but too much for Bible Thumpers to ingest….Good Stuff Doris!!

          1. I think I am just a lowly author here which means they trust me just enough to publish but not approve comments or other authors here. I am writing this around 2 pm Roswell Time so we can test that theory. If I go too overboard against some of the believer nonsense that goes on here, they might demote me to contributor 🙂 Hope you are doing OK in the time off ceded to us by people worshiping the death of somebody who didn’t die when they said he did. I bet Jesus was in a long term coma and they just thought he was dead or WANTED to think he was dead so it could symbolize something they were all predisposed to believe.

    2. Flicka,

      I guess you are trying to relate Conrad Hilton’s last words with the last words of Jesus Christ. OK, funny enough but I would appreciate your direct response to the observations and logical fallacies posed by Doris. Telling an atheist you want to save their soul is received vacuously if not humorously.

    3. Rick Kraft did not give credit to Aesop in his Just a Thought column in the Sunday paper. It was the bone reflection in the water dog story fable which warns us to be happy with what we have and not to covet thy neighbor. It is rather difficult to take this advice from a man who made/makes big bucks as a lawyer. If Kraft were a happy custodian like Clyde Usher of Yucca Center, then his words would have more import.

      Thanks anyway Mr Kraft for extolling the virtues of not comparing yourself to others. It can lead to jealously and depression.

      1. Dan Gage is spot on about changing name of Yucca Center to Johnny Gonzales memorial. Gonzales was a community Stalwart and deserving recipient of recognition.

        1. Home girl Patricia Coronado-Kuemmerle raises excellent points about renaming Yucca center after somebody who DID NOT GROW UP in Roswell. Patty got a good education growing up in the much maligned east side of the town. You gotta respect the opinion of a woman with a hyphenated last name. That girl has the deepest respect for her parents who grew up in the fourth ward. She appears to have married a white guy named Kuemmerle and moved up to northeast side in Ward 2. She speaks of a divided city and yet she moved from south side to north side for some reason?

          1. George A. Lee of Roswell uses Kuemmerle idealistic letter to editor against her pointing out that city councilors are NOT looked up to as leaders. Lee offends all city councilors with position of saying either do what we elected you to do or get the hell out of office! Put more simply each of the wards in Roswell has their own selfish interests which elected officials for the ward have to vigorously pursue such as this trivial matter of renaming Yucca center. Advice, just call the damn thing yucca center!

  13. I had the good fortune of meeting Greg Lammers at American Atheist Convention. Its difficult being an atheist in Springfield, Missouri and like another writer here, I have a family to raise and a job to protect. I know that legally we are protected, but employers can find other ways to terminate you without attributing it to your atheism. Just finished reading an excellent book by a French philosopher that actually connects spirituality to atheism. Granted that he is really stretching, twisting, and mutilating the conventional definitions of spirituality, but really intriguing that such a high end philosopher would attempt such a thing. His name is Andre Comte-Sponville. Anyway Greg, maybe when I retire, and don’t have any financial concerns we can have some good sit downs!

    1. Cardinals, I know Greg and consider him a good friend. I’m jealous, as I’ve wanted to attend the past 5 American Atheists conventions. Any time you’re this way, you are welcome to join my group at one of our meetups.

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