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Tom Acker’s well written letter to the editor of the Grand Junction Free Press in Colorado underscores the futility most Americans feel when they hear nebulous, vague rhetoric like “public good” and “best interests of all Americans”. That sort of talk is the reason why many presidential elections have less than a 50% turnout.

Rick Perry’s ineptitude during the debates yields insight into how presidential candidates are not particularly knowledgeable and rely more on appearances with David Letterman to create an image that will get them elected. I was reminded of this when Acker, who teaches at Mesa State College, spoke of “intelligent political leadership”. I can not summon a more oxymoronic 3 word phrase! If politicians spent less time in Hooter’s pinching ass, then maybe they would be better acquainted with the pressing issues of our time.

If I could find a candidate who was serious about improving the state of Public Schools OR  restoring the profession of teaching to a more respectable status, then he/she would get my vote.

You Get What You Vote For

I see that Ray Scott and Steve King are declaring a Tea Party stance of not governing nor collaborating for the good of the citizens of their districts. They will continue in the unpopular ideological “conservative” stance. Look at the approval ratings (9%) of the U.S. Congress. The U.S. voting public is tired of this tack. King uses quasi messianic language: He will save “a country and state.” From whom or what?

This type of hyperbole belies a scary mindset infused with fear mongering. Compromise? Collegiality? Public good? Don’t expect anything resembling those principles from these legislators. Congratulations District 54. You get what you vote for: Fox news creations of ignorance and fear.

As for me . . . I will watch this painful excuse for leadership continue to divide with their canned rhetoric: “Increased revenue” (progressive taxing ) is an obstacle to “economic recovery and growth”; government oversight (“get bureaucracy out of the way of job creation”) prevents industry doing only good: Let’s let big oil and gas do “good” completely unfettered. Remember BP and the Gulf?

Some of us ask what about educational funding to guarantee informed citizens for the future health of our democracy? Where can our community look to for needed health care for those who can’t afford it? Marillac Clinic cannot serve all the needy! This shortcoming is responsible for a large proportion of home foreclosures. Decent wages for the Grand Valley’s underpaid workers? Decent, economical housing for the residents of the valley? Why are these topics not part of the King/Scott discourse?

I wish us all a Happy New Year and hope that we begin to understand where the lack of imaginative and intelligent political leadership(if only our president was ONLY lacking in imagination and leadership) is taking us.


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  1. The famous Russian capitalist Ayn Rand taught us to be leery of phrases like “the public good” in her well known magnum opus The Fountainhead and also Atlas Shrugged. High level politicians are masters at speaking generally enough to never be pinned down on what their real views are. Actually it is debatable whether folks who aspire to be president these days have any substantive core values in the sense LBJ,JFK or Barry Goldwater had.

    Mr. Acker yearns for an imaginative and intelligent political leader. Teachers are often insulated and out of touch with life in the real world. Academia operates more ideally and also lags behind industry. There’s a reason why only half of the eligible voters actually actually vote!

  2. I had Acker for Spanish before Mesa state changed its status. He told us quite a bit about the life death struggles in the Sonoran desert that is in both the states and Mexico. He is not just a prof who kicks back with his cushy job as a tenured educator. He likes to share the tragic experiences of illegals who get caught in crossfire of drug traffic in Arizona.

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