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Reading letters to the editor provides Americans with glimpses of insight into the troubles and issues that beset all the states in our Union of 50. Guy Robert of North Carolina is extremely concerned about 140 tons of methyl bromide being emitted into the air that he and his family/neighbors must breathe. Since Robert did not mention why Methyl Bromide is so dangerous to the environment, I will close with some of the harmful effects of this insidious poison which is sometimes used to fight termites. It is also effective in fumigating grain elevators.

Methyl Bromide is a restricted use pesticide because it is highly toxic. Around 1,000 human poisoning incidents caused by methyl bromide exposure have been documented. It is odorless and cumulative or can build up over long periods of time in one’s metabolism.


After reading the latest bright(sarcastic tone) idea being explored by the State Ports Authority one has to wonder if anyone there ever hears a proposal and thinks, “No. That doesn’t sound like a good fit for our facility.”
Royal Pest, by its own admission, is seeking “… to emit up to 140 tons per year of methyl bromide — 14 times the major source emission threshold specified in the law” into our local atmosphere. That, by itself, isn’t enough to make the SPA say, “Whoa!”?
Why on earth would it need to wait until the proposal has cleared regulatory hurdles in order to determine that it is a bad idea to begin with?
The fact that methyl bromide has been used at the port in the past, to one degree or another, is no rationale or validation for doing so again. If that were the case we’d all still have DDT atomizers. Sometimes an idea is bad from the get-go and this fumigation proposal is a perfect example.
The SPA needs to get a grip on the concept that just because the port can do something doesn’t mean that it should. It needs to balance the goal of increasing business with responsible environmental stewardship. Those are not mutually exclusive objectives.
Here on the Crystal Coast, where the environment in all its many forms is the driving economic engine, it is vital that the SPA keep that in mind.
The proposal by Royal Pest Solutions does not pass the test.


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