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First  Mrs. Heather Davidson, I am sorry you are having to deal with rude and inconsiderate pedestrians and bicycle operators given your husband’s health concerns. A friend did some work at the Milne Damn Conservation Project  in Markham not too long ago. Pedestrians who do not adhere to the traffic code and laws put enormous strain on mortorists in congested cities all over the United States too. Slow pokes at four way stop signs can also induce much frustation and losss of time by illegal hand signaling. I gather you  are not accustomed to oppressive traffic like that found in Toronto. The city also has significant issues with vagrants, beggars, and bumbs in the Street. I admire your civility and your attempt to communicate with these selfish, careless and irresponsible individuals, but I doubt a single person changes their reckless habits. Take Care.

I have driven to Toronto General Hospital for the past three weeks daily, as my husband is seriously ill. I would like to offer this insight as an out-of-town driver using Toronto streets:

Many pedestrians walk or run across the streets all the time One night at 7 p.m., I counted 20 such pedestrians jaywalking(rarely enforced in USA) between Toronto General on Gerrard Street and Wellesley at Parliament.

Most cyclists are OK but some go really fast — so fast, in fact, that it is impossible to see them as you turn right on a green light.

I found it very difficult to watch for other cars, pedestrians in black clothing(poor choice to wear dark clothes at night) and cyclists not obeying the rules of the road — all at the same time — especially if you are not used to driving in this busy city.



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  1. Related is the newspaper account by Marc Ellison where Brock Dale was irate when he was fined for crossing the street(jaywalking)

    He had just crossed near the corner of King and Bathurst Sts. when a police officer on a bicycle issued him a $50 ticket for crossing while the blinking hand from the pedestrian signal box indicated DO NOT CROSS. Brock was indignant because he had been breaking the law all these years without consequence.

    Now you know Brock that your insubordination to the traffic pedestrian code stresses out drivers who are trying to save your life by not running you over.

    We get that Porter Airline account executives have a busy and demanding schedule, but please take the time to cross at controlled intersections.

    And no, I am not paranormal activities author based out of London as fun as it would be to live in worlds most stimulating city.

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