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I was glad to see Mark Stavrakis of Friendswood point out an egregious omission in his letter to the editor of the Houston Chronicle. The Chronicle article strongly espouses amped up law enforcement as the reason homicide rates have decreased in the Houston area. It made no mention of the impact that gun ownership has on the reduction of murders and violent crime. As mentioned in another letter to the editor, the crooks know the citizens are armed and prepared to defend themselves. Some people pray to God to protect themselves and their loved ones, but a responsible armed citizen is the best way to stunt crime.

The case for concealed guns
Gun ownership

Regarding “Homicides in Houston take tumble” (Page A1, Sunday), I understand all the law enforcement groups want to take credit for the low homicide rates, not only in the Houston area but all over the U.S., and they certainly play a major part.

However, it’s ironic that another obvious reason was omitted from the article. The high increase in gun ownership and concealed-carry licenses over the last 10 years has certainly added to the decrease. In a recent prison survey, most criminals say they are more afraid of armed citizens than the police. This fact was not mentioned either by choice or because the people scratching their heads trying to figure it out refuse to acknowledge it.

If you believe anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign, all the additional guns on the streets should produce skyrocketing homicide rates, but the opposite is happening. As any clear-thinking person knows, gun laws do not apply to the criminals. So the common-sense laws that allow honest citizens to protect ourselves are working, as these statistics show.

Mark Stavrakis, Friendswood


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