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Many GOP diehards want the FBI director’s resignation immediately. There is no doubt in my mind that Jack Lloyd of Moreau, New York is among this despondent group of republicans who could not believe their ears when Hillary was pardoned for her crime. I don’t know why Jack wastes his time trying to refute the position of   Notari who has very little credibility to begin with in that part of the country. A talented writer like him should send a more worthwhile letter to the editor. Just vote for Trump Jack and all will be well. Hillary’s transgression will become a fart in the wind.

This letter is in response to Mr. Notari’s published letter of July 14. He calls into question my knowledge of facts(facts are much more subjective than many believe) concerning James Comey and his decision not to recommend for indictment of Hillary Clinton. For someone so concerned with facts, Mr. Notari makes assumptions about my knowledge and political affiliation. I based my letter on known facts.

These are the facts: Mr. Comey has a history with the Clintons. He served as a prosecutor(hmmm it all starts to make sense about now) in the Whitewater Scandal in the early ‘90s. Others went to prison and the Clintons skated (Teflon). Mr. Comey was appointed by Obama for a 10-year term commencing in 2013. The attorney general, Loretta Lynch, also appointed by Obama, serves at the pleasure of the president. She was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1999 as a U.S. Attorney (New York). Mr. Comey answers to Loretta Lynch. Mr. Clinton meets with Lynch on a plane one week before Comey’s reveal. Excuse me for seeing a common thread here and being suspect.(any rational being would be suspicious regarding your convincing enumeration of Clinton’s guilt)

All of the many scandals that have occurred in this most corrupt and opaque(this is a very appropriate antonym for transparent) administration have resulted in obstruction of justice when investigated and zero accountability assigned to any of the bad actors involved. I listened for 15 minutes as Comey laid out a scathing indictment of Hillary and her guilt on each count that was brought against her, only to be left incredulous at his conclusion of “no intent,” which is not even a requirement of the statute she violated. He chose to parse the words of “extreme carelessness” with gross negligence. This is all legal mumbo jumbo to confuse and obfuscate the facts.(The Clintons have spewed obfuscatory tripe their entire political careers, but it will all end when Trump crushes them in the election)

You, Mr. Notari, may choose to stick your head in the sand(comon, dude you are  a New Yorker, stick his head in his ass man!) and ignore the reasonable and logical interpretation of the facts, but I, like 56 percent of the populace, will trust my gut.

Jack Lloyd, Moreau


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