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     Writing Letter to The EditorIt was not to difficult to figure out the meaning of bilge in the context that James Berg of Cincinnati, Ohio used in highly critical letter to the editor. Mr. Berg  uses bilge in the nonsense or the British rubbish way. 

Sorry, but I can not tell if Berg favors or opposes ObamaCare. The nation seems evenly divided between those who support the ACA and those who oppose it. Dionne believes the president has overreached his authority, but ObamaCare is the law of the land which many Republicans refuse to recognize. Many in the military are not getting paid and their families are suffering. I know the various ObamaCare  websites are not working properly some of the time.

E.J. Dionne’s editorial (Oct. 2) is bilge(means foolish or worthless statements or information) There is much wrong with Obamacare and congress refuses to address it. The president has unilaterally made changes to the law but the Constitution does not give the executive branch the authority to make or change laws.

Where is Dionne’s outrage about presidential overreach?(Dionne has no business being outraged) The house has taken the only action available to them considering the intransience of the Senate to act on its initiatives. Appropriations are in the House’s purview it is well within their authority to appropriate as they please and clearly it seems to be the only way to get the Senate to even debate the issues. The Senate must vote on emergency CRs and so far they have voted to: continue fund Obamacare as is, continue congressional special medical benefits that are illegal to others under Obamacare, not fund parks and monuments, not fund the VA etc. Harry Reid was asked why he wouldn’t vote for children’s cancer research and he said he didn’t have time because there were thousands of bureaucrats off work.

James Berg, Covington


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