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Jane Imber of Boulder, Colorado was civil but direct in her criticism to the letter writer  of “Uneasy Rider” [“Notes From the Undergrad,” July|Aug]: One of the reasons young women take unchaperoned road trips is to get “sexually molested”. More politely, Jane, to sow their wild oats. I suppose you never committed any boneheaded acts of youthful idiocy when you were young which was probably about 45 years ago. College student road trips are here to stay, just like Spring Break which is an annual mating ritual designed to liberate the enormous amount of sexual  tension built up during the semester.

You were very, very lucky not to have been sexually molested, murdered, seriously injured in a crash, or a responsible party in a crash injuring someone else. That is nothing short of a miracle. I seriously question the motives of the Gazette editorial staff in publishing this roadmap to suicide. The fact that you wrote about this trip as an adventure rather than a boneheaded act of youthful idiocy is what is truly concerning(Why are you so concerned, did she put you or anybody you care about at risk?). I urge you to give some thought to why you felt compelled to place yourself in danger and seek road heroes in such sketchy, dysfunctional characters.


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