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The title of Pennsylvanian  Jim Bosha’s, Body count mounts,  letter to the editor was a little too playfully rhyming for my tastes given the gravity of its message, but it ranks in the top 5 best written letters of all time in my humble opinion. When will lawmakers listen to common sense compelling reasons penned by intelligent members of our citizenry AND initiate legislation to outlaw rapid fire weapons of death? Bosha repeats the absolute truth stated by many, that the writers of the second amendment would vehemently oppose the relatively easy path to ownership of machine gun type firearms!  Also ownership, by 18 year old punks, of high powered, gas guzzling, excessively loud vehicles  should be regulated more tightly. 

Body count mounts

Editor: Newtown, Aurora, San Bernardino, Charleston, Orlando, Dallas . . . a partial list to be sure, but sadly more than long enough to establish the subject.(An enumeration of major USA cities forever changed by assault rifle slaughters is an ideal way to open this missive to Scranton inhabitants)

In the past year there have been at least 10 U.S. mass shootings. But we all know this has been growing in frequency for longer than a year. The victims include schoolchildren, moviegoers, office workers, churchgoers, gay men and police officers.

What do they all have in common? In seven of the massacres, the shooters were armed with legally obtained assault weapons.

Referred to as “modern sporting rifles” by the NRA and gun dealers, many sportsmen concede that weapons like the AR-15 and the Sig Sauer MCX assault rifles are sorry choices for hunting and are far better suited to killing people than deer or other game.(actually they kill deer and other game pretty well, but the fact they make it a lot easier for psychos to murder more people in less time is a strong argument against their ownership or even production for that matter!)

The fabric of our society is soaked through with the blood of innocents who were sacrificed on the altar of special-interest profit(a hackneyed, but effective usage of this tired metaphor)and Second Amendment-waving gun enthusiasts who insist their macho toys will only be taken from their cold, dead hands. Well, way too many cold, dead, innocent hands are piling up around us.

There is a right to bear arms, agreed. We also have the right to free speech, but yell “fire” in a crowded theater for no reason and you’ll land in a world of legal hurt. It’s called common sense.

Our 20th century privilege of driving doesn’t extend to zooming high-powered Formula One racers down public streets. Our 18th century right to bear arms was never intended to give unvetted, untrained, unsupervised civilians with $400 to spend the combat firepower of a 21st century Special Forces warrior.




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