Joda Thongnopnua:


    Writing Letter to The EditorJoda Thongnopnua writes in his letter to the editor that sexual scandals are supposed to be the death-knell for ambitious politicians, but such an assertion is only what Joda wishes were the case. The United States is moving much closer to places like France where mistresses attend the funerals of the politicians they were having sex with. 

What follows is a comment to Thongnopnua’s letter by somebody from  Chattanooga with the handle of daytonsdarwin that points to the egregious error of interpreting the old testament literally with respect to morality guidance. BTW a guy with Thong in his name is to be allowed a little latitude with respect to sexual morality.

Our Bible is full of Jehovah(God) approved rape, incest, genocide, murder, and killing innocent children. Who but the ignorant and crazies worships a man who wants you to drink his blood and eat his body. Jesus and Jeffrey Dahmer!

Perceiving the Bible as a literal, historical, and scientific treatise on morality guarantees the same outcome —intolerance, ignorance, and bigotry. Get rid of the superstitious nonsense of gods, devils, and revealed religion and humanity will build a better world.


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  1. Sort of related to your post is the relevance of Jeffrey Dahmer’s homosexuality to the letter writer’s sexual orientation. Homosexuals are often very clever which allows them to determine if their current sexual interest is also gay. Thongnopnua would agree.

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