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Many thanks for many reasons to John Griffin of Spotsylvania,Virginia for alerting pensioners that their hard earned pensions could be cut by as much as 60%. I guess the phrase multi-employer pensioners must mean that employee had multiple employers under the same pension plan? I wish John would clarify this, because if that is what it means, it should have no bearing on pension reductions or their size!

A word to multi-employer pensioners(read the letter written by Gerald Lewis of New Haven for more on multi-employer pensioners), now that two members of Congress put an amendment into the year-end spending bill to allow multi-employer pensions to be cut, some by as much 60 percent.

Both of our senators approved this amendment, and our president signed it.

I thought everyone who receives one of these pensions should know how this process works once you receive notice from your pension administrators about pension cuts.
Current members and retirees will get to vote on this issue. But beware, if the majority votes no, in this democracy the vote simply gets tossed out and the cuts are made anyway.(How could this be right? Majority votes NO, but the cuts happen anyway?!?!!. This is evil and must be curtailed!)

Everyone who is affected by this should let Sen. Warner and Sen. Kaine know how they feel about this issue.

John Griffin


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  1. One does not have to be particularly astute to note that there is never a shortage of money for war or not enough dough to give tax breaks to the FILTHY rich. Let’s not forget that Wall Street and Banks too big to fail always get bailed out. Ditto for the oil-and-gas industry.
    So why is it when the pensions of hard working Americans are at stake, there is never enough money to guarantee payment to them for what they have earned(the current pension reduction plans will not even give the workers their contributions back which is THEFT BY GOVERNMENT) and been promised. We have ceased becoming a representative democracy. The government now primarily serves the rich.

    I smell a revolution brewing.

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