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   Writing Letter to The EditorThe following letter to the editor of the Press-Telegram written by a 30 year police veteran accurately depicts the extreme frustration many Americans have with the dilatory nature of the death sentence. Convicted murderers, rapist, and serial killers are treated far too casually in the United States. I think CNN prefers that sociopathic killers like James Holmes get their undeserved day in court. Their advertising revenue has to soar during the excessive coverage they give to people who need to be extinguished quickly with none of the undeserved fanfare our media gives them!

Frustrated by the death penalty

Re “California on track to stop killing its own” (Comment, April 14):

Tim Rutten’s column damning California for continuing to allow the death penalty failed to mention that every time the issue has been put to a popular vote, it’s been passed by a majority of California voters, who I assume like me are frustrated that the sentence often takes 20 to 30 years to carry out, if ever. As a 30 year career police officer, I saw the aftermath of the heinous acts these killers committed. I’m curious to know Mr. Rutten’s views on abortion. Many liberals are pro-abortion, anti-death penalty. In other words, kill babies, not killers.

– John Knapp, Long Beach


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  1. Why is Joshua Cooke still alive and being interviewed after brutally murdering his parents 10 years ago? He was bragging about how he would have killed more had he been in possession of assault rifle. Phil Chalmers is clueless. Don’t listen to his drivel.

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