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Writing Letter to The Editor

A Fontana, Wisconsin resident laments the financial mismanagement he observes in his village board. John Strong is upset that health and safety services are playing second fiddle to debt service. John reasons that Fontana has enough high priced real estate to generate plenty of tax revenue without having to raise property taxes.

Strong states the taxing authority has put taxpayers right in the middle of deciding whether they should accept further taxes or accept a reduction in basic emergency services from 24 hours to 12. None of this is remotely acceptable, and leveraging taxpayers in this fashion is outrageous.

John is also outraged that around two-thirds of taxpayer dollars are paying back debt incurred by taxing authority. Fire Chief Wolfgang Nitsch appears to share the pessimistic, but realistic view, of Strong with regard to how these lake side residents are being coerced into paying for life sustaining service that should already be covered without propery tax increases! I tend to agree, especially when the village higher ups are threatening to reduce emergency services from 24 hours to ONLY 12 hours!!




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