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       Writing Letter to The EditorThe title of the letter to the editor written by Johnny Frazier is incontestably true. Welfare has destroyed personal initiative and created resentment from hard-working, accountable people who end up paying for lowlifes who refuse to work for a living. Sure Welfare helps some people who have fallen upon hard times, but it is also exploited by lazy people who would rather live off the government which in turn gets much of its money from tax-paying citizens. 

Citizens of the United States have a right to be very pissed off at helping feed and clothe indolent parents and their children. Johnny Frazier is mistaken about the “fatally flawed” assumption that schools are the most important place in our society. A place that your kiddo spends 7-8 hours a day at is, by definition, very important. I think Mr. Frazier is justifiably miffed that family life and the home is not mentioned as at least as important an influence in a kids life. 

Also Frazier should recognize that all families are dysfunctional to varying degrees although his point regarding that is well taken. Welfare type families do NOT place an emphasis on the value of education as a way of breaking out of the cycle of poverty which publicly funded entities like the Job Corps do a great job of combating.

Welfare system bad for families

David Cook’s column, “Educational apartheid in Chattanooga,” is fatally flawed because of his premise that “schools, ideally, are the most important place(they should be) in our society.” I believe that home is the most important place. When politicians started the welfare system to provide public housing, food and money to the low income segment of our population, they systematically began to dismantle the families of the recipients. The federal government relieved the parents of the responsibility to provide and care for their family. The politicians that support the welfare system knew that welfare recipients would be dependent on them and support them with their votes. Integration of the public schools was supposed to provide everyone with an equal education. It has not, because the problem is not a lack of money or a lack of quality education.

The students from dysfunctional families are not receptive to education. You generally cannot educate someone from a background that does not build a foundation for learning and puts no value on education. We did not get here overnight, and we cannot fix this quickly, but the first step is to repudiate the politicians who promote the welfare system that is so detrimental to a sound family structure.



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