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Writing Letter to The Editor

Judith Leeming wrote very brief letter to the editor opposing any legislation that will reduce Medicaid. Medicaid is the government health care program paid for by people who choose to work for a living to pay for people who choose not to work or can not find a job. Leeming’s argument about how we are judged by some supernatural ghost has no weight with secular America. 

The United States is teeming with lazy drug addicts who stand at street corners expecting handouts. Medicare(NOT MEDICAID) should be fully funded for the people who paid into it from pay checks for over 25 years in many cases. Just drive around SLC, Utah viewing the multitude of ambitionless street people living in public areas like parks preventing tax payers from enjoying these venues with their families.  The massive Medicaid fraud that is rampant is reason enough to RIP OUT THE PROGRAM.

I’m writing to ask all Virginians to oppose GOP efforts to pass their health care bill. Any iteration of this bill will have two goals: decrease funding for Medicaid, which protects our most vulnerable; and a massive tax cut for the rich(WRONG Judith, the middle class gets big tax cut too…..do your research woman!). Remember: We are judged by how we treat “the least of these.”

Judith Leeming

Newport News


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