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Kris Kozak’s letter to the editor of the Kansas City Star says Identity Theft is Identity Theft whether it is an illegal immigrant or an American that has fraudulently assumed another’s identity. Who could possibly disagree with Mr. Kozak’s claim? Kozak, of Leavenworth Kansas, like many Americans is frustrated over how honest citizens can work hard all their life and then have it wiped out by identity theft which is very difficult to prosecute.

Identity theft can sometimes permanently wreck the victim’s life due to a precipitous lowering of your credit score or diminished chances of finding decent employment. People who steal Identities should be punished at a level equivalent to assault or armed robbery. 

In The Star’s article “Know where your ID is now?” (A-1, 4/24), Judy Ancel, director of UMKC’s Institute for Labor Studies, stated how it was wrong to compare immigrant workers who assume someone’s identity to persons who fraudulently take our credit cards. Bull-hockey!

Stealing is stealing, whether it’s an identity or an automobile. Sure the immigrant’s family will suffer, but what about Amanda Bien, the ID theft victim in this article? Does not her suffering count? After all, she has done nothing wrong.

What about the local, county and state governments that suffer financially to deal with this mess? Some of that is my money. When will the federal government do what is right and not what is politically correct?

Their excuse is the same one we are getting for the price of gas or the price of rice: “supply and demand.” We’ve got too may illegals and not enough money, manpower or straight-thinking politicians to do anything about it.

As for Ms. Ancel, I can only hope her identity is never stolen. It may cause a conflict of interest to fight for her rights as an American citizen or cause some anguish in an illegal’s household.

Kris Kozak


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  1. Kozak gets this completely right! The right to an anguish free life of a legal American family infinitely outweighs the nonexistent rights of wetbacks and their kids. The illegal immigrants are playing the sympathy card with their kids being the pawns.

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