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Katherine Falk wrote a letter to the editor that was interesting to me on two counts.  One, she is disappointed that Trump has resigned himself to letting Affordable Care Act collapse of its own ineffectiveness. Two, she favors a single-payer system which she did not take the time to explain. Why should we set up a single-payer system? What exactly is a single-payer system?  Does Katherine mean the Medicare for all system where the people who don’t work leech off the people who are gainfully employed? Oakland is full of free loading, trouble making, violent hoodlums like the punks in East Oakland who strong-armed BART passenger before officers could respond.

Regarding “Future of health care in state unclear” (July 29): I have to take issue with the description of President Trump administration’s “apparent determination to allow the ACA to fail.” That is far too passive and neutral sounding, when the truth is that they are actively doing everything they can to push it over the cliff.

But California is not weak and helpless. We can and should do everything we can to secure health care — and that includes setting up a single-payer system that could be a model for the nation. I hope our state legislators will work together to shape the Healthy California bill into a system that works for everyone(NO such thing Miss Falk).



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