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         Letters To EditorKevin Schafer’s letter to the editor suggests he is either a vegetarian or not particularly intelligent. Cattle ranchers and wolves are natural adversaries . That apparently only is unknown to Kevin. Just because he believes wolves should be preserved for howling scenes in Western movies, is no reason to protect them as long as humans need to eat them. It is called being part of the food chain Kevin. You appear to be mired in irrational environmentalist logic.

I read, with horror(Schafer’s usage of the term horror here presages his insular out of touch reality), Lynda Mapes’ story on the extermination of the Profanity pack wolves [“State killing second wolf pack to save some rancher’s cattle,” Page One, Aug. 26]. Set aside the question of whether ranchers leasing public land should learn to accept wild wolves as part of that bargain.

But can’t this issue be solved, and the wolves protected, if leasees are simply reimbursed for the financial loss incurred by wolf predation? The current situation seems mired in 19th-century logic.
Kevin Schafer, Seattle


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