Language, The Bible, and Same Sex Marriages


Mark C. Salvaggio’s letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times is quite typical of many other arguments about whether biblical scripture either supports or prohibits homosexuality. Many people are born gay whether pulpit pounding preachers will acknowledge it or not. What is often called God’s will is really what folks want to be true. One tends to interpret biblical scripture is a fashion that supports their ethical and sexual choices. The two gay guys who were legally married in ultra conservative Roswell,NM are a happy couple and apparently don’t believe or care that the Bible forbids homosexual unions.

Due to the inherit ambiguity of human language, people tend to interpret the Bible in manner that suits their current lifestyle. So people arguing back and forth about whether SSM are OK are endless and can NOT be resolved. The way out of all this endless bickering is to stick to Ellen Degeneres’ simple adage “Be kind to one another”

Pearce makes big claims about what the Bible does or doesn’t say about homosexual practice. Pearce is not a Bible scholar; her background is in reporting. None of her arguments has anything to do with the correct reading of the biblical text in its literary and historical context.

In 1 Corinthians Chapter 6, two words are used in reference to homosexual acts. The first is used to describe the passive participant. It is often translated as “effeminate.” The second word describes an active participant, or sodomy. Taken together, these words clearly indicate homosexual acts. Paul’s views work for any time, not just his own.

The teaching of Jesus in Mark Chapter 19 clearly delineates marriage as between one man and one woman. The best indicator of Jesus’ stance on homosexuality is found here, as Jesus restates the Genesis 2:21-25 account of God’s ordination of the marital union.

Mark C. Salvaggio



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  1. Mark C. Salvaggio is correct in his interpretation of biblical scripture unequivocally being in opposition to homosexual lifestyles. The administrator of this site is obviously a moral relativist. There are absolute truths revealed in the bible and I admire Salvaggio for penning his support of that viewpoint!
    A close dermatologist friend of mind would get along quite well with Mark. I think a doctor is sometimes too smart for his own good.

  2. I wonder if Salvaggio from Bakersfield has ever been on bottom while having sex with a woman? That would make him a “passive participant” in a sexual act engaging in an act forbidden by Biblical scripture.

    The old music group Fog Hat sang a song called “slow ride” which exhorted slow riding woman just so fine!

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