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I admire Larry Lugar for being so honest and forthcoming about his contempt for the United States and its policies in his letter to the editor of the Idaho Statesman. He acknowledges that he is angry at the usual litany of injustices and unfair interpretation of our country’s laws.

He and I do not line up regarding his blaming of the mortgage companies for the dissolution of the housing market. Financially illiterate people are more to blame for the collapse of the market than any other factor in my view. Larry and Joe Kirkpatrick of Tennessee have a true meeting of the minds on this issue. Larry is right that the mortgage companies should not have underwritten mortgages to grossly under-qualified borrowers.

I completely concur that 9-11 was a direct consequence of our involvement/presence in Israel. I do NOT agree with his opposition to Hobby Lobby. They are not obligated to hire people who they view as practicing unethical acts. That is their prerogative as an employer to hire and fire folks at their discretion.

Finally, I would implore Lugar to contemplate moving to Costa Rica or the Philippines where the US dollar has a lot of buying power. Otherwise, his blood pressure will continue to elevate.


People say I’m angry. I am. I’m angry that our president started an unnecessary war. I’m upset that our military got away with torturing people. I’m mad that an insurance company sold policies that my government had to cover, and they’re still open. I’m upset that companies like Countrywide and Washington Mutual collapsed the housing market. I’m totally disgusted in Congress. I’m appalled by Israel. I’m amazed we’re still in Afghanistan, but the real igniter is that I’ve been expected to help pay for all of it. Then Hobby Lobby gets out of the bill for reproductive health services for employees due to religious beliefs. What about the church of Larry? Where’s my religious exemption?

Try and deny it, but 9/11 never would have happened without our support of Israel. Americans face terrorist threats all around the world due to our support of Israel. I personally haven’t found it worth my while, and I’d like to back out of the deal if I could. Members of the church of Larry believe Jesus just left Chicago(I have to disagree….Jesus was in the left field bleachers at a Cubs game during batting practice catching home runs!), but he left Jerusalem a long, long time ago.

Larry Lugar, Boise


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