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          Writing Letter to The EditorHow could one not be moved by Lauri B. Neumann-Grable’s letter to the editor that aired her extreme discontent over the elitist, supercilious attitudes present at the Hillsboro Senior Center.

The mission of any Senior Center should include strong elements regarding health care , check-ups, and prevention methods.  The nation’s elderly constitute a substantial demographic of alert and well-informed citizens. They should not be left for dead in some poorly maintained expensive nursing home with buzzards circling overhead. 

Senior Centers certainly function as social centers, but health care and food assistance for those in need must also be part of any Senior Center’s Goal’s and Mission Statement!

Carol Norman and her husband live on fixed income and their existence depends on the smooth functioning of this senior center.  Read the article by Andrew Theen for more depth and breadth about the crucial role this senior center plays in the community.  Our great nation’s elderly has to put up with false and deceptive reverse mortgage advertisements. Home security salesman have ripped off old folks all over the country especially in small towns. At least grant people who could be your grandparents the dignity of well functioning place free of  politics and snobbery.

Hillsboro Senior Center
should be a center for all
I have noticed in the Hillsboro Argus a controversy about the food pantry, which is held at the Hillsboro Senior Center.

I am disturbed about the comment (by an administrator at the center) that this service is seen as “a social service which does not fit the mission of the facility.”

If this is true then I would suggest discontinuation of blood pressure checks, foot care, Alzheimer’s support, hearing tests, SHIBA (Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) plus the plethora of health and social-related handouts, as these activities are also “social services.”

It is my belief and hope that the Hillsboro Community Senior Center should be a place to enhance and improve the lives of all senior citizens in a holistic manner — not just an elite social club that seems to be the desire implied by the (center’s) recreation service manager.

Lauri B. Neumann-Grable


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