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Gregg Peterson claims that Nick Schultz erroneously shifts the blame to three “realities”. Both Peterson and Schultz make very valid arguments for their respective positions. Karl Marx, in his Communist Manifesto, ¬†predicted that Capitalists(hedge funds, huge corporations, etc.) will always eventually exploit the proletariat(working stiffs)

As for Peterson’s ¬†belief that corporate greed is the cause of the upward distribution of wealth…..Well, sorry Gregg, just think of Wall Street as the dominant lion in the pride. If Gregg were a CEO of an “uncaring corporation” he would certainly find some way to rationalize his position.

Taking sides on Occupy

Re “No easy fix,” Opinion, Nov. 30

Nick Schulz shifts the blame for grotesque income inequality to three “realities”: technology, immigration and the collapse of intact families.

I suggest it’s uncaring corporate greed that drives good-paying jobs overseas and middle-class incomes down.

As for keeping families intact, it certainly doesn’t help when hedge funds buy the companies we’ve worked for our entire lives, lay everyone off, sell the pieces for a profit, then simply move on to the next acquisition. To what end, I ask?

The answer is always “the bottom line.” Greed, plain and simple, is the culprit for this upward distribution of wealth.

Gregg Peterson

Corona del Mar


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  1. I could not agree more with your argument that somebody who can not live independently is probably only echoing the sentiments of his mother or whoever is financially responsible for them. I do not know of anybody who values the input of somebody who does not have to pay rent, home mortgage, bills, and other living expenses.

    However, you supplied information that Gregg did not provide in his letter to editor, namely, that he lives with his mother. I am sure you would be offended if somebody identified you and then posted personal information about you.

    I think you probably wrote what you did knowing that Peterson would eventually Google his name and read your comments which were intended to be a little dig or irritant. He may or may not know who you are……..

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