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One had to be tickled at James Acker’s opening query when writing his letter to the editor of the AJ. I know driving in Lubbock might drive one to try a little of the wacky tabacky. Mr. Acker is right on when he asserts the manner in which the city of Lubbock repairs its potholes is very half-ass! Another important point he raises is the bump we all feel when driving over some of the manholes that are counter sunk too deeply. His letter to editor also underscores why car ownership in Lubbock,TX is made that much more expensive by the poorly maintained roads. Unfortunately the pothole problem is quite prevalent in most USA cities and also creates hazardous road conditions on American Interstates.

Inadequate repairs don’t improve city potholes

Is Lubbock going to pot?

When asking this question I am referring to the potholes in the Lubbock City streets. I moved to Lubbock in 1956, at that time 34th Street was just about the southern boundary of the city and now it stretches out to FM 1585 and further.
In this time I have seen the paved roads of Lubbock go from good roads that were well maintained to what we have now in some locations. I live on 45th Street and the street in front of my house has a rut down the middle, not much better than a county dirt road. When repairs are made to these potholes, the finished work is about as bad as when they started work on them. They spray a little black tar and scatter a few rocks over it and drive away, leaving a bump that now is as high as the hole was deep.
Not only are the potholes bad but there are manhole covers that are counter sunk into the pavement maybe three to four inches deep — and if they are not in holes they are raised in bumps that high.
The citizens of Lubbock pay taxes to keep these roads maintained well enough to drive on, but we also have to pay for wheel alignments, new brakes and lots of wheel covers or hubcaps.
Please try to make some improvements.


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  1. Floyd M Osbourn of Roswell NM justifiably is miffed, if not extremely upset, at the pothole problem that mayor Kintigh thinks is less important than constructing a brand new swimming pool. His wife Helen with that same middle initial M, which must stand for mad, backs her lesser half 100%.People that have addresses in the 2600 block of north Washington must have more potholes which are a consequence of freeze thaw cycles.

    1. Naomi Eckerd weighs in on the divisive pothole versus build a new swimming pool at Cahoon park controversy. Mrs Eckerd points out that many of Alien City’s thoroughfares have nonexistent to no shoulder which causes incalculable damage to your vehicle! She recommends a voter referendum.

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