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Way back in 1996 Marianne Woolsey  of Austin wrote a letter to editor expressing her dismay at the newspaper publishing a letter or article that glorified/(created negative notoriety for) the work of graffiti artists around the city. Taggers need very little incentive as it is, but any kind of publicity will only accelerate the incidence of tagging.

An objective mind has to agree with her as media coverage of school shootings and other egregious acts against society create a copycat incentive to do the same thing by insecure people who never found their niche or way in life.

Vinyl fences have stunted the permanency that taggers want, but a citizen has to still be alarmed that packs of testosterone-charged males roam the city marking their territory in much the same way wild animals behave in the forest. 



I was dismayed to find the item “Graffiti/mural” listed in your “Best of Austin Poll Ballot.” While many [of] Austin’s neighborhoods work hard to keep graffiti out of their fences and walls, the Chronicle promotes it! Sure that not mentioning graffiti would not solve the problem, but including it in your “Best of Austin” list? Should the word get out, it’s going to be a long season.
Please be more careful with your choices next time. thank you for your cooperation.
Marianne Woolsey


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