Mary Tucker-McLaughlin and Brian L. Massey: East Carolinian


Writing Letter to The Editor

The words of Mary Tucker-McLaughlin and Brian L. Massey regarding our freedom of expression in the USA are incontestably accurate and true. One’s education, wealth, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political views, right to bear arms are all protected by our time tested consitution.

The erudite letter writers point out one does not have to be civil as they exercise their freedom of speech, only that they make no threats or commit no bodily harm. One can even be rude to an interlocutor if the debate becomes heated. Rude and obnoxious behavior is not forbidden by our treasured constitution.

Moreover, they advance the view that Understanding is not acceptance, but it is the way out of hate. Another phrase that is difficult to oppose. An application of the ideology advanced by the sage missive to the East Carolinian is, even though I understand that many lazy Americans don’t work because they can live off of the tax dollars paid by those who do work, and I don’t accept their sloth and indolence, more upliftingly I don’t have to burden my heart and stress levels by hating them.

Deep down I hate people who live off the fat of the land and would not mind if they starved to death, but the views espoused by McLaughlin and Massey are a more balanced and healthy world view. The letter writers are mistaken about striving for the erroneous goal of income inequality. Bill O’Reilly maintains it is a non concept.





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